Self Portrait Tuesday

Or maybe this post should be titled Self Portrait Cop Out! I had intended on posting a picture of my unshaved armpit, at this point you’re either nodding your head or screwing up your face "ewwww" style! LOL. I go through stages, shaving, not shaving. I quite like the unshaved version and no, I don’t get BO…however most my friends are grossed out. I wonder if it’s a Western thing to be turned off by underarm hair. The reaction is almost like it’s dirty. It amuses me. So I took some pics of my unshaved armpit…but just couldn’t go through with posting a picture. Firstly, taking a picture yourself of this area isn’t the easiest and they all just looked odd. Instead this is a picture of my buddy Gayle and I in December last year. We were having a pub knit n lunch one Sunday arvo, had a great time eating yummy food, chatting and knitting.

I know this month’s theme is "All of me, embrace your mistakes" and there are mistakes in this pic (me not you Gayle!). There’s the stuff that we notice about ourselves that most don’t. The stuff we’re silently critical about, like the droopy eye, the crooked smile, the thin top lip, dry hair and puffy eyes. Whilst it’s not what you may see, it’s what I think of when I first look at this picture. I’m not asking for validation, LOL, just pointing out that when I look at this picture I notice these things. Saying all of that, I really love this picture of me and Gayle.


I’ve recently gotten back into music, mainly inspired by Gayle above. She’s the queen of music. If she says listen to this you’ll like it, I know I will, she’s not let me down yet.

She’s gotten me hooked on Emiliana Torrini, Belle and Sebastian (their new album rocks), The Magic Numbers and Jose Gonzalez.

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14 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. Laura says:

    Hmm. Yes. The armpit photo would have been a very bold move for me. But you seem so much braver than that. You should post it. Or say “click here if you want to see it.” That way you won’t be blasting someone with your armpit photo as soon as they load your blog page. hehe


  2. amanda says:

    laughing lots here, I’m an unshaved armpits gal myself (it’s the legs that I go back and forth on). 😉 You’re beautiful. And I’m adoring the new Belle and Sebastian, and just saw the Magic Numbers last month–they were SO fun.


  3. Karyn says:

    I don’t get the armpit thing – why are people (especially women) so confronted by an unshaven armpit? I don’t shave – and find that the only time I get BO is if I DO shave them!
    I for one would’a clicked on the ‘see my armpit in all its glory’ pic.


  4. Catherine says:

    I bought The Magic Numbers and Jose Gonzales a few weeks ago too – I love love LOVE the Magic Numbers CD, but found Jose Gonzales a bit depressing; he’s best reserved for small doses methinks!


  5. Strikkelise says:

    I agree with Sol, that would have been a great picture, I also agree with Kath, you’re beautiful and your eyebrows are impressive. I laughed so much reading this post, and it reminded me that this is actually about oppression, having to remove all that “stuff”. Promise to post a “click here” pic next time you are uncertain!


  6. Kelli says:

    One curiosity is whether all these crafty ladies who aren’t shavers are swimmers? I shave, but then again I’m in the pool several hours a week and don’t need extra drag.


  7. Kirsty says:

    The Numbers are amazing live. Perfect harmonies – we saw them at the 100 club 2 years ago when they were constantly plugging the London circuit. Good choice!


  8. jess says:

    hairy armpits. I have them, and don’t have BO – but do have that complex relationship with showing / not showing. Mmmm… glad you showed us that pic though, it is cute (warts n’all).


  9. Amber says:

    Your picture is gone! But wanted to chime in that I am also not a pit-shaver, and I’m a generally hairy lady. However, my husband LIKES them unshaved, and I found when I lived in Germany that men also preferred hair under the arms and were more grossed out by the opposite. So maybe it’s less “Western” and more “American.”
    What’s really funny is that I do sometimes trim my pit hair every few weeks just so it doesn’t have too much of its own silhouette when I’m wearing short sleeves.


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