Self Portrait Tuesday

Ok. You asked for it, yes YOU did. If you’re one of the commenters who egged me on….here it
is, in all its slightly out of focus hairy moley BO free glory. Would be interesting to have a stat counter on this image, see how many of you can’t help yourselves and just have to check out my pit! LOL.

I love the loud and proud hair wearers, thanks for your comments!

18 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. Kate says:

    Ah okay it’s working now. Lovely armpit! I can’t quite cope with my own underarm hair so I choose to shave, but mostly that’s about odour control.


  2. Laura says:

    Tell me again why God gave us underarm hair? I don’t know. But I love that you linked to that photo!! It’s certainly not as awful as you said it would be. heh And no, I really don’t think I’ll do it. Unless someone else will. You’ve already done it so you don’t count. Can we have a SPT theme week of “show your pits”? hehe


  3. monica calvo says:

    Ohhhh Nicole!!!!! I have just receive the package!!! It is sooo beautiful and sweet I can not believe it!!!! Thank you thank you thank you sooo much for everything!!! I just love it!!! Iยดm so happy ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. emma says:

    Now, as a friend, I really have to tell you that chucking your pit hair on your blog is just taking it a wee bit too far…..Pubes, no problem, but pit hair, methinksnot! SICKO!


  5. loise says:

    i second what laura said! why. why? WHY?!? but anywho, bravo for posting that photo! i had one not de-haired for over a month and it was interesting. very liberating mind you.


  6. Lex says:

    Dude, I love your site, and I love armpit hair. Who knew the two would come together so perfectly? In a bit of an aside, I’m always amazed at the variety in thickness etc. of armpit hair out there. I mean, you so rarely get to see the pit hair of strangers, so really there’s very little to compare your own to, you know? Kudos!


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