I already have one of Di’s amazing box bags. Trust me, this lady can sew, looks like she has a couple of her box bags at discounted prices over at her etsy store, extremely cheap price for the amount of detail and excellent workwomanship put into these. She might refer to me
as Nicole "Martha" Palooza, but she gives me a run for my money when it comes to sewing.


I needed a bag to carry my sock knitting in, something
that wasn’t plastic and a little more stylish. I have this Japanese craft book, ISBN 483472235x, and used it as a guide
together with the bag I already have from Di.
Overall I’m happy with the end result. The circle ruching on the bum of the bag hides a little zip
messiness. Zips aren’t my strength, however I’m happy with this zip. It also gave me an excuse to
try out circle ruching from a recently purchase quilting guide, "The A-Z of Quilting", ISBN 0975685414. I’d bought it mainly
because of the circle ruching and grid ruching. It’s an excellent book full of technique and
tutorials with lots of how-to pictures.
The outer fabric is from Amy Butler’s Sun Bloom range. Because I was making a shorter length bag
I wanted to use an upholstery weight fabric on the outside for rigidity and this fabric is perfect. The outer is
embroidered using the fabric print as a guide. On the inner I’ve used some
fabric that Katy sent me as part of my backtack II package. I think it’s vintage. There’s also a
little felt patch sewn into the lining for needles and pins.


More pictures of the box bag over in my flickr gallery.

Circle rouching – a whole quilt top using this technique?? Too much?


Grid rouching – imagine a skirt or bag using this technique.


17 thoughts on “boxed

  1. hillary says:

    you bag looks great! and I can attest to Di’s amazing craftsmanship after receiving one of her wonderful bags for backtack 1.
    thanks so much or the rouching instruction pics. I’ve dying to make things ruffled and rouched lately!


  2. laurie says:

    Ack! Amazing craftiness. I love that rouching but it intimidates me just to look – I suppose that means I’ll be trying it at some point in the future! lol


  3. sarah says:

    i’m so into rouching and ruffles at the moment so i reckon you can never heve too much (hee hee) especially that grid rouching, wow! and your bag looks fab…


  4. di says:

    *blushes* why thank you for the compliment and special mention (yes- bags going cheap now! I need some motivation to make some more…)
    Love your bag too! Great fabric- and thanks for sharing the rouching tehnique- must try it some time- would be a lovely detail on a funky skirt…


  5. susansobon says:

    love your bag, and the fabric, such inspiration. what book is the ruching from, my daughter has got me into it and i think we would both love it


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