Show ‘n Tell

Woot! Friday. Love it.

Finally, finally after 3 months, finished Gillian’s birthday socks. *Cough* her birthday is in December. Guess that’s what can happen when you have craft ADD. As much as I love knitting socks I get bored and need to space them out with other creative adventures. I’m happy with these and I think Gillian will love them. The details: knitted on 2.5mm circ’s, basic rib pattern, Cherry Tree Hill superwash merino (handwashed in cold water after knitting, a lot of dye did come out, but I didn’t notice a big colour difference).


I won an auction for a piece of Lisa’s art, "Hunted Rabbit". I love it. It’s a vintage shooting target with watercolour bunny and a perforated edge around the bunny. I’ve retired Camilla for the moment, Lisa’s in da house!


Continuing the "Lisa" theme, another gorgeous Lisa’s cushion arrived and it is lovely. See it in the background on the sofa, Lisa’s pics are much better and Spud does like it too even though he doesn’t look too impressed. I realised too that the 6 is the date of my birthday….but I wonder if Lisa knew that, somehow I don’t think so. Spooky!


Last up, payment for a work colleague for helping me…Donna Hay, Vanilla Cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a candy raspberry to top it off. Enjoy, we will!


7 thoughts on “Show ‘n Tell

  1. lisa s says:

    awwww… nicole… i’m so happy to be in da house! it’s an honor… esp. w/ such amazing company!!
    love the socks…. if i were the recipient i wouldn’t care that they took 3 months!


  2. lisa says:

    ack! so happy. friday! your cushion! lisa’s art!! i need to get my hands on one of those. she is amazing. but retiring camilla? hm. and the cupcakes? yum.


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