Sharein’ the love

I’ve noticed these past few months as Spud and I have been getting more comfortable being by ourselves and getting our own quirky habits. Well, I think he has more habits than I do!

The latest is sleeping on top of my wardrobe. Now usually this would freak me out or annoy him, but now that I’m a single parent I’m more tolerant soft. It helps that the clothes on top of the wardrobe are sweats and casual sloth clothes, nothing I’m too precious about. If it was an Empire Rose skirt, one dead kitty!

Maybe he’s doing it to be closer to his stuffed friends? Who knows.


I love that he’s perfectly stretched out, although that position looks uncomfortable. It’s a little spooky sometimes in the middle of the night to wake up and he’s facing the other way and looking down at me whilst I’m sleeping.


11 thoughts on “Sharein’ the love

  1. feli says:

    Makes me wonder how cats sleep in that uncomfortable position. Toby does the same thing too. I have a lot of black clothes and they are all covered in her Fur!! hehehehe


  2. mrspao says:

    Ophelia has taken to sleeping on top of a computer cupboard in the last couple of days. Cats puzzle and fascinate me – you will never know what they’ll do next!


  3. Miss Dot says:

    Have you been to the Empire Rose outlet store in Cottesloe? its in station street in the first of those little groups I think. Cash only! bought a dress for $100 that had been $490!!!! Bargain city!!


  4. lisa says:

    he’s a good boy!! i love him and wish i could give him big kisses. my kitties as you know like to sleep on clothes. since i am covered in cat hair anyway, i don’t mind. we’ll see what happens if and when i ever partner up with someone who might have more stringent “no cats on the clothes” requirements!


  5. Kate says:

    I went into Empire Rose in Claremont yesterday — not a thing an unemployed person should generally do — and drooled on all the clothes. Then they threw me out into the street.
    No, I’m lying. But the clothes are gorgeous. Sigh.
    So is Spud too of course.


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