Granny’s tea set


My bosses Granny recently went into assisted care and was having a clean out of her house. I know….drooling at the thought of her Granny’s treasures. That just sounds wrong! LOL. Anyhow. I was offered this tea set! How cool is it. Love the pattern and colours and the shapes! Excellent. It’s in excellent condition. "Midwinter Modern, Fashion Shape" is printed on the base of the pieces. Apparently these were manufactured in the 50’s and 60’s and are now becoming hot on the collector’s scene.

I feel a little guilty benefiting from Juliet’s Granny and have decided that she needs a lap quilt for herself. She’s now living in one room, which is a huge change, but she’s amazing. Apparently she’s doing well in spirit and is accepting this new phase in her life. Her favourite colours are pink and greens, so I’ll raid the stash and see what I can come up with.

You might wonder why I’m so excited about this? Well thrifting in Australia is not as bountiful as other countries. So whenever a find is stumbled upon or given to me I leap on it 🙂  We just don’t have the population or the history for old stuff!

More pics over at flickr. Tea anyone?


17 thoughts on “Granny’s tea set

  1. LLA says:

    This is absolutely lovely! I love the way that all the “Happy Days”-era stuff is coming into vogue…. except we don’t call it stuff from the 1950’s, we call it “MidCentury”… love it, love it, love it.
    And I think that the idea of making a lap blanket in her favorite colors is such a thoughtful and generous one. I am sure that she will love it. As I am sure that she loves that her tea set is in appreciative hands.


  2. myra says:

    So so cool! And making her a lap quilt is such a lovely thing to do.
    It’s the same here in Hawaii for thrifting. I’m always so jealous of the kinds of things people elsewhere are able to find.


  3. Kelli says:

    Okay, no limited thrifting, but you’ve got kangaroos, thousands of miles of amazing beaches and all those cute men with hot accents. You win! (Yes, my view of Australia may be influenced a touch by Hollywood. No, I’ve not yet been there myself.)
    The plates are lovely.


  4. laura says:

    love it! i know what you mean about feeling guilty. i looooove mid winter stuff, their patterns are just beeautiful. i had never seen this one before!


  5. Amanda says:

    The tea set is beautiful. You’re so lucky! And I’m sure that grandma is happy that it went someplace we’re it’s so obviously loved. So sweet of you to make her a lap quilt, that’s a great idea! It sounds like it will be so useful for her.


  6. feli says:

    What a wonderful tea set!! I know what you mean by thrifting in Australia. Its had to find things like these. and yes we do leap at them when we find them :*)


  7. kelly says:

    ooooh, I *so* love Midwinter pottery, but it’s pretty rare to find it in the US… one of those things that we have a bit of trouble finding as well. Great score!


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