Introducing Bruce


Hilary’s been at it again, giving away gorgeous free patterns. Here’s my first rabbit. I changed the pattern slightly, reduced it to 75% of what the pattern is, so he’s about 15cm (6 inches) high. I also did a blanket stitch around the ears as I didn’t trust that I could machine zig zag the smaller ears to my satisfaction.

The details…the grey for his front is from an old jumper that I’ve machine felted. It’s not completely felted as the jumper was a wool/acrylic mix, predominately wool. It’s a nice weight fabric, not too thick and still has some stretch. The fabric on the back is from Aunt Grace. For his pompom tail I used some novelty yarn (no ball band sorry).


Quick, fun project. Started and finished this evening. I’d better get off to bed it’s 2am I’ve just realised and I’ve got to be up and out the door by about 8 tomorrow morning for breakfast. I then have about 5 hours at knitting circle *sigh* someone’s got to do it 😉  Have a great weekend everyone.


12 thoughts on “Introducing Bruce

  1. Oiyi says:

    Bruce the Bunny Rules! I really need to get a sewing machine!
    Awww…5 hours of knitting circle? You poor thing, NOT! Have a fun evening of knitting. My knitting circle will consist of me and Napoleon.


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