for Kate

EDIT – Check out Kate’s pictures. Bloody excellent 🙂

I met Kate last year at Perth’s equivalent of the "Bloggies", Spicey introduced us. We’re in that still getting to know you stage of friendship. Kate’s super intelligent and I read her blog, but often don’t comment as I get stage fright! Stupid and funny. She also has an excellent sense of style and wears the cutest clothes and accessories. This is sounding all superficial, anything but what Kate is…She has a Jon, Jon is lovely. He’s funny and very good value and he and Jasper put on a good show 😉

The point, yes there is one. Kate gave me some fabric a while ago from a dress her mum used to wear in the 70’s (I think this is accurate). Great fabric, Kate doesn’t sew so she’d passed this on to me, I agreed on the proviso that I use the fabric to make something for her. Kate had mentioned that she didn’t have a needle roll.

So here we have needle roll, backed with corduroy, embellished with yoyo’s. Inside Kate’s fabric and a felt needle/pin holder. There’s also a matching tape measure and pincushion using Martha’s tomato pattern, any buttons I used were from my vintage button stash. I particularly like the pineapple like button on top of the pincushion. Excuse these pictures. I was frantically finishing this up Friday night and then only had a quick few minutes Saturday morning before seeing Kate to take some pics. I think she’s going to take some and if Kate’s photography is anything to go by, they’ll be excellent.



More pics at flickr.

8 thoughts on “for Kate

  1. Kate says:

    Hey you’re embarrassing me now! *blushing*
    (I’m also embarrassed that I though the felt needle/pin holder was just a cute design feature. Duh.)
    Thank you so much for the pressies. I’ve been admiring them every few minutes since Saturday.


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