Corner of my home?

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Tops of fridges are usually dumping grounds for take out menus, bills, keys and other general "stuff". I was determined my fridge would not be this. I know, very important life stuff here.

So…We have the vintage bread bin from Em – isn’t the lettering gorgeous, my babushka dolls bought from a store in Melbourne that imports them, my tin flask (the insides exploded one day, so it’s just hanging around for looks) and my nearly empty summer bottle of mango daiquiri making rum. Oh and the eggs, for baking, room temperature eggs please!


6 thoughts on “Corner of my home?

  1. anne says:

    LOVE the bread tin, just beautiful – that color is so perfect. But … excuse my ignorance … room temperature eggs? Do they go bad faster? What is it about having them room temperature that’s better for baking?


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