As sands through the hourglass, so too are the days of our lives, and we come to find that once again we are on the cusp of another backtack installment. Alison and I have been working on a slightly different backtack experience for BTIII. It will be a challenge for some of you, but a whole heap of fun as well, and when we put the final results together in a flickr album, you’ll understand why we set what we did.

You didn’t think we’d tell you right now though did you? Oh no. We’re much more sneaky than that. On the 5th April we will announce BTIII – on both our blogs and on the backtack site as well. We will tell you then exactly what you will need to do for this one, exactly what we require, and there will be explicit instructions to comply with for signing up and for playing. We urge that if you are interested in playing, that you read that post very carefully. The new backtack button above gives a huge hint about what is in store….

And if you’re keen, follow the sign up instructions on the backtack website on the 5th April NOT BEFORE because we’d love to have you all come and play.


  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve really been looking forward to the next Back Tack since I haven’t gotten to do it yet, but I think I have too many projects due to participate this time! Dang!! I’ll watch everyone else’s projects, though!


  2. Emma says:

    backtack is such a great idea, I wish I could get involved too but I don’t think I have the time. Still, I look forward to seeing what you have plan and what everyone gets up to!
    I saw your patchwork cushion in The Age today, I love that column 😉


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