Hey! Thanks for the comments and nice words 🙂 All is good here at Craftapalooza. Just normal life stuff getting me down. It seems at the point of writing this the funk has lifted and I’m feeling funky (or just plain daggy!). I slept in until 10am, then got up and had toast and tea on the porch with the kitty and the newspapers. The sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day here in Perth. I pruned the garden, now I’m cleaning the house and listening to my Domestic Groove.

I finished sewing up Rosy yesterday. Phew, she was one big mother to sew up. I also had a nose and face full of angora fluff. So she went straight into the washing machine on a delicate cycle this morning. I wouldn’t normally wash a knit straight after knitting, but there was no way I could have worn her without sniffing and rubbing my eyes continually. She’s just come out of the machine….holy moley. Fluff city, I cannot believe the amount of fluff. So she’s now drying and maybe I’ll photograph her on, she’s not the most flattering of cardies but she’s so warm and snuggly.

I watched Narnia last night on DVD. Ummm dull is all I can say. The costumes that Tilda wore were amazing, but aside from that, it was dull, very disappointing.

Link for you. I can’t remember where I found this blog, but this chick loves her patterns and prints and she has great taste. Everytime I visit I end up with a bunch of other great links to check out.

On the previous post I showed you Flora, I forgot to say I changed the flower, she’s crocheted. I also found the link to the yarn, it’s the 50/50 silk/wool blend. Lovely yarn.

My buddy Al has just rung and invited me to a craft fair, which has made me all warm and fuzzy. Hope the rest of your weekends are gorgeous, I’ll leave you with a photograph by Kate, she gave me a framed print of this image that I love and also a handfull of other prints. I think I’ll have to find a frame for them to share.



Yeah in a bit of a funk this week, it’ll pass. Still adjusting to living by myself again. Relying on me to feed me and the cat, empty the litter, clean the house, buy the groceries etc. LOL I could go on but that doesn’t make good blog reading! Probably one of my challenges of blogging, what to share and not to share, life is not all roses, but it’s also as hard or as easy as we make it.

So on to crafting. There’s been knitting. It’s getting cooler here in Perth so the frantic winter knit, which probably should have started a couple of months ago when it was stinking hot, has begun.

I’ve just finished Flora for myself. Knitted in a variegated silk (from Emma, can’t find the ballband to show you the yarn) and Habu silk/mohair (from Al at 6.5sts).


When I’m in a funk I tend to bake, which is a bit of a catch 22 as I want to eat the bake, which doesn’t help my hips! However I made Nigella’s Snickerdoodles. YUM, yum, yum. Ver
y nice straight from the oven and also once they’ve cooled down. Ridiculously easy to make with satisfying results. We won’t talk about how many I’ve eaten! I searched on flickr the tag "snickerdoodle" and was pleasantly surprised by the number of images that turned up.


Here’s the recipe.


How to be a Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson ISBN 0-701-16888-9

250g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg (EDITED – I used cinnamon instead)
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
125g butter at room temp
100g plus 2 tablespoons caster sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cinnamon

Preheat oven to 180C

Combine flour, nutmeg, baking powder and salt and set aside for a moment.

In a large bowl cream the butter with 100g of sugar until light in texture and pale in colour, then beat in the egg and vanilla. Now stir in the dry ingredients until you have a smooth, coherent mixture.

Spoon out the remaining sugar and the cinnamon onto a plate. Then with your fingers, squidge out pieces of dough and roll between your plams into walnut-sized balls. Roll each ball in the cinnamon-sugar mixture and arrange on your prepared baking sheets/trays (you need baking trays lined or greased).

Bake for about 15 minutes, by which time they should be turning golden-brown. Take out of the oven and leave to rest on the baking sheets for 1 minute before transferring to a wire rack to cool. (Umm and at this point, you MUST eat a couple whilst they are warm, I just *cough heard that this was a good thing to do).

Makes about 32


Lovely Lisa’s organised a music swap….due to go out yesterday..umm mine will leave tomorrow!

Here’s a list of participants.

Here’s the flickr group so you can see everyone’s.

But here’s mine. Living alone I have to get creative with photography, this shot is "put the camera on timer, run across the room, grab the mop and pose" shot and hope that you’ve got it in focus and in view! I’ve also used Jason’s excellent Photoshop brushes, found via Dooce (I’d like to see his stats after she linked to him!).

The mix, well it’s a bunch of serious and not so serious finger snapping, hip swinging, bum wagging songs that get me moving and feeling. I’ve called it my "Domestic Groove" mix, intended for use when you’re doing one of those chores, you know the chore, the vacuuming, mopping, dusting, toilet cleaning sort of stuff, those mundane tasks that have to be done….well they do if you don’t want to live in a frat house!



Thanks Lisa, your copy will be winging its way to you soon.


Well hello there. It’s now 3.56am on Tuesday morning and I’ve been here at the computer since about 1.30am. Loving it! Bring it, insomnia you rock. Saying that this nanna did go to bed at 9pm last night due to the 2am bedtime the previous night…

So, what’s been happening? I had a week off last week and wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped, but had much needed timeout from the office. Small offices can become claustrophobic at times 🙂

I did watch some films, knitted, sewed, had lunch with friends, breakfast with friends, hung out with friends, baked some hot x buns with dried cranberries and then another batch with dried cherries, quite impressed I managed the dough without a doughman. Went out dancing and laughing until the wee hours. So all in all a very excellent break.


Al and I are now in the midst of back-tack3 mania. Yes mania. It’s great but this part is crunchtime. Organising the matchups, writing the email and then sending over 100 emails and making sure I’m not doing something stupid! Once the emails are out I can breathe a little easier. I’m really looking forward to this BT. It’ll be great to see all the softies.

What else…ummm. I finished knitting Rosy, I’m embarrassed to say I think she’s been hanging around nearly 2 years. Slack. She’s a big girl, but she’s so squidgy and nice, as you can see I couldn’t have blocked her without my trusty feline assistant who thought that I was putting her on the bed for him to run all over. The Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora sheds, but it’s worth it. Nice and snuggly. I’ve started the sewing up and so far so good. It’s been ages since I’ve had a finished knitted garment. Very satisfying.


I also gave another April birthday gift. This one, for Charmain, that included a knitted neckwarmer (I forgot to photograph) and a washi pendant. The pendant is ceramic tile under the paper, but I didn’t like the pattern, so I cut and glued a piece of washi over the ceramic (after sanding the ceramic to roughen the surface a little) and then spent a few weeks varnishing the washi to seal it and give it a nice glossy smooth surface. I saw Charmain wearing it yesterday and she looked fantastic. Very happy.


Hope you all had an enjoyable Easter and have a great week!

whiplash, anyone?

Hey! What you doing reading this? Head on over to whipup and check out whiplash (excellent title don’t you think!). You have until Monday 17 April to create some "everyday creativity"…Got you thinking? Juices flowing? Some excellent prizes up for grabs. Bring it peeps, want to see what you can whip over this weekend.

birthday madness

This week I have 4 friends with birthday’s. Eeek

So far I’ve given out 2 pressies. Paul received a hand printed tee using the Chicken’s tutorial. Paul is hideously allergic to Spud, he’s so allergic he can’t come to my home for dinner and if I meet him out and hug him or even, sometimes, am in the same room, within about 10-15minutes his eyes are running and he’s stuffed up. Not fun. As much as I love Spud, if I’d realised how allergic PJ was I might not have gotten a cat. But I digress. The idea of the following tee came to me, yes I’m a shit stirrer and I knew PJ would get a kick out of this. Just so you know, I had a chat to Spud about this and he knows to not take it personally.


Next up, Gayle’s birthday. Gayle is another dog obsessor lover and loves her Rufus to death. Or Ratface as he’s sometimes referred to. A loggy dog cabin cushion was in order. I’ve used a mixture of mostly new and a little vintage fabric, this pic’s not the best and I might take some clearer ones, just have to wrestle the cushion of Gayle. It’s backed with a fine pink corduroy.


Spud "helped" with the process by keeping the cushion insert warm for me, very important.


Itchy vulva’s whipped up and back-tacked…

Wow, thanks to those of you that’ve signed up for BT3, that was very quick and a little scary! Alison had an eagle eye on the emails coming in thick and fast, all signed up within 1.5hours approx. Phew.

I’m on leave this week so I was snoring my head off whilst you guys were signing up, then I forgot the signups were THIS morning and had an "oh crap am I supposed to be doing something moment"…But all is well!

We had the IV’s retreat this weekend. It’s our third year in a row and it’s more and more fun each time. Our namesake Madge and her vag couldn’t make it, however she sent a massuese over with a massage chair and we had a 20 minute massage each. Heaven. Thanks Madge.

The food was excellent, nutritious and trashy, perfect. Rob made an excellent kedigree, I’ve never had kedigree before and hers was delish. It was salmon, egg and yummy spices like cumin, tumeric and garam masala (I think!). Perfect. Em made homemade icecream. I whipped up a chicken and corn soup for lunch and Gayle cooked terrific eggs sunday morning.

Knitting, yes there was knitting. I took 4 projects but worked on one only. My Rosy that’s about 2 years old now. I’ve just about finished, I hope to block and sew her up this week. Even though the cotton angora sheds like mad, I love it. It’s so soft and squidgy. Glad the weather’s turning cool here.

We also had books. Em bought along the Happy Hooker, One Skein and a couple of other’s I can’t remember. One Skein has my number. Excellent projects and interesting too, not at all what I expected. Definitely one for my personal collection. I bought along Jeffrey Yamaguchi’s 52 Projects, he kindly had sent a review copy. Excellent book for creating your own projects. I particularly like the little side projects on the edges of the pages. One was to write a letter to you 64 (I think that’s correct) year old self, my version would be on the 1st of each year write myself a letter and post it to myself, then on the 31’st of December open it and read it. Would be interesting to see how the year has progressed. You could write a list of goals that you’d like to achieve, or make it about fitness or creativity. Up to you. I think I’ll try it next year. Alternatively you could do it on your birthday each year.

Oh and can you believe this?! I rang 3 local video stores wanting to know which Doris Day films they had available….EVERYONE I spoke to didn’t know who Doris Day was! Now they all did sound like they were born in the 1980’s or 90’s but still. I still cannot get over this, Emma was even asked to spell Doris, LOL. So no Doris fest at the retreat.

AND Whip Up’s WHIPLASH is starting later this week. You game enough to try? Go on, great prizes to be won.


You wanna see some pictures from the weekend? Here you go.






Yes, yes, I know the google hits I’m going to get with that title!