Itchy vulva’s whipped up and back-tacked…

Wow, thanks to those of you that’ve signed up for BT3, that was very quick and a little scary! Alison had an eagle eye on the emails coming in thick and fast, all signed up within 1.5hours approx. Phew.

I’m on leave this week so I was snoring my head off whilst you guys were signing up, then I forgot the signups were THIS morning and had an "oh crap am I supposed to be doing something moment"…But all is well!

We had the IV’s retreat this weekend. It’s our third year in a row and it’s more and more fun each time. Our namesake Madge and her vag couldn’t make it, however she sent a massuese over with a massage chair and we had a 20 minute massage each. Heaven. Thanks Madge.

The food was excellent, nutritious and trashy, perfect. Rob made an excellent kedigree, I’ve never had kedigree before and hers was delish. It was salmon, egg and yummy spices like cumin, tumeric and garam masala (I think!). Perfect. Em made homemade icecream. I whipped up a chicken and corn soup for lunch and Gayle cooked terrific eggs sunday morning.

Knitting, yes there was knitting. I took 4 projects but worked on one only. My Rosy that’s about 2 years old now. I’ve just about finished, I hope to block and sew her up this week. Even though the cotton angora sheds like mad, I love it. It’s so soft and squidgy. Glad the weather’s turning cool here.

We also had books. Em bought along the Happy Hooker, One Skein and a couple of other’s I can’t remember. One Skein has my number. Excellent projects and interesting too, not at all what I expected. Definitely one for my personal collection. I bought along Jeffrey Yamaguchi’s 52 Projects, he kindly had sent a review copy. Excellent book for creating your own projects. I particularly like the little side projects on the edges of the pages. One was to write a letter to you 64 (I think that’s correct) year old self, my version would be on the 1st of each year write myself a letter and post it to myself, then on the 31’st of December open it and read it. Would be interesting to see how the year has progressed. You could write a list of goals that you’d like to achieve, or make it about fitness or creativity. Up to you. I think I’ll try it next year. Alternatively you could do it on your birthday each year.

Oh and can you believe this?! I rang 3 local video stores wanting to know which Doris Day films they had available….EVERYONE I spoke to didn’t know who Doris Day was! Now they all did sound like they were born in the 1980’s or 90’s but still. I still cannot get over this, Emma was even asked to spell Doris, LOL. So no Doris fest at the retreat.

AND Whip Up’s WHIPLASH is starting later this week. You game enough to try? Go on, great prizes to be won.


You wanna see some pictures from the weekend? Here you go.






Yes, yes, I know the google hits I’m going to get with that title!

7 thoughts on “Itchy vulva’s whipped up and back-tacked…

  1. Christina says:

    Sorry.. I didn’t know where else to ask this!
    I was wondering, on BackTack, do you recieve a conformation email after you sign up? I waited until right at the time to send, (I had alarms on my pda, computer, and phone.. yes.. Im a dork), and I wanted to make sure it got there! Thank you!!!! I’m so excited about this BackTack!!!


  2. joleen says:

    OY, I was so confused about the time. I got online on the 10th and someone’s blog said it already was full but then I got on this morning and it said it had just filled. Man.


  3. liz says:

    So i looked at the photos of your Doris Day retreat and thought, could that possibly be Elwood beach in the background? Those trees look a lot like Norfolk island pines! And Salada biscuits with Vegemite? No… it couldn’t be … a great craft blog in my hometown? gedoudahere!


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