birthday madness

This week I have 4 friends with birthday’s. Eeek

So far I’ve given out 2 pressies. Paul received a hand printed tee using the Chicken’s tutorial. Paul is hideously allergic to Spud, he’s so allergic he can’t come to my home for dinner and if I meet him out and hug him or even, sometimes, am in the same room, within about 10-15minutes his eyes are running and he’s stuffed up. Not fun. As much as I love Spud, if I’d realised how allergic PJ was I might not have gotten a cat. But I digress. The idea of the following tee came to me, yes I’m a shit stirrer and I knew PJ would get a kick out of this. Just so you know, I had a chat to Spud about this and he knows to not take it personally.


Next up, Gayle’s birthday. Gayle is another dog obsessor lover and loves her Rufus to death. Or Ratface as he’s sometimes referred to. A loggy dog cabin cushion was in order. I’ve used a mixture of mostly new and a little vintage fabric, this pic’s not the best and I might take some clearer ones, just have to wrestle the cushion of Gayle. It’s backed with a fine pink corduroy.


Spud "helped" with the process by keeping the cushion insert warm for me, very important.


11 thoughts on “birthday madness

  1. logtar says:

    I have a friend that would love that cat shirt… he is also allergic to it… I have gotten better. I used to and after a couple of miserable weeks I created some inmunity to it.. it still bothers me if I rub my eyes after petting one of our kts


  2. Rachael says:

    Nicole, That t-shirt is fab! (but I love cats, so I’m torn..) What wonderful gifts for your mates. Are there more tees in the works?
    Thanks for your comments btw, the tape-measure/pin cushion obsession has mutated into needlebook form as well….(tomorrow the world?) Thanks for sharing a well-written fun tutorial!


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