Hey! Thanks for the comments and nice words 🙂 All is good here at Craftapalooza. Just normal life stuff getting me down. It seems at the point of writing this the funk has lifted and I’m feeling funky (or just plain daggy!). I slept in until 10am, then got up and had toast and tea on the porch with the kitty and the newspapers. The sun is shining and it’s a gorgeous day here in Perth. I pruned the garden, now I’m cleaning the house and listening to my Domestic Groove.

I finished sewing up Rosy yesterday. Phew, she was one big mother to sew up. I also had a nose and face full of angora fluff. So she went straight into the washing machine on a delicate cycle this morning. I wouldn’t normally wash a knit straight after knitting, but there was no way I could have worn her without sniffing and rubbing my eyes continually. She’s just come out of the machine….holy moley. Fluff city, I cannot believe the amount of fluff. So she’s now drying and maybe I’ll photograph her on, she’s not the most flattering of cardies but she’s so warm and snuggly.

I watched Narnia last night on DVD. Ummm dull is all I can say. The costumes that Tilda wore were amazing, but aside from that, it was dull, very disappointing.

Link for you. I can’t remember where I found this blog, but this chick loves her patterns and prints and she has great taste. Everytime I visit I end up with a bunch of other great links to check out.

On the previous post I showed you Flora, I forgot to say I changed the flower, she’s crocheted. I also found the link to the yarn, it’s the 50/50 silk/wool blend. Lovely yarn.

My buddy Al has just rung and invited me to a craft fair, which has made me all warm and fuzzy. Hope the rest of your weekends are gorgeous, I’ll leave you with a photograph by Kate, she gave me a framed print of this image that I love and also a handfull of other prints. I think I’ll have to find a frame for them to share.


4 thoughts on “funky

  1. Miss Dot says:

    yes yes yes on the costume! I was watching the movie and thinking wow, I love that dress and the hair, in fact her whole style! I enjoyed it though, but it was 45′ and New Years day in Sydney and there wasn’t anywhere else to be but Gold Class mega airconditioning! Glad to hear you are funkless! don’t forget the Bindaring Red Cross jumble on 27 May.


  2. jess says:

    I agree with your comments on Narnia! I found it to be very slow. I was very disappointed as I was quite fond of the books when I was younger.


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