blythe and the tomegranate

I’m secretly envious of one of the IV’s who has a daughter with a Blythe. So to live vicariously through my buddy’s kid I’ve made her a couple of frocks and a little doggie for her birthday. If you’re reading this Zoe, happy birthday and I’ll bring my camera to the next IV’s and we’ll have a photoshoot! Dress pattern from Puchimadam and doggie pattern from Orriettacat. The spool of thread is for scale, but then realised it’s quite a tall spool, about 5cm tall. The details: the bike dress is using the Heather Ross Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries range, waist has green ribbon that ties in a bow at the back. The bodice of this dress is excellent, it’s fully lined.


Next up we have more pink, this fabric’s from my Better Pal (she was an excellent pal), the waist is decorated with a floral trim I had in the stash, again the spool for scale.


Lastly but definitely not least we can’t have a Blythe without a puppy.


Yes, it’s all pink because pink is Zoe’s favourite colour.

The title of the post you’re asking. Well Julie has issued a pincushion challenge and May’s is fruit. So we started out here trying to make an apple, but we’ve sort of ended up with a tomato/pomegranatesque creation. So nobody said anything about GM fruit not being allowed, so I present to you the tomegranate. It’s a bit wonky but sort of cute, sewn with red velvet with felt leaves and a vintage button. Thanks Julie, what’s the challenge for June?



blood clots ‘n’ knots


That’s the name of the piece above. My buddy Kate has excellent accessories and she turned up one day wearing a gorgeous neckalce. It was a fabric tube with beads inside of it and knots in between, made out of an off white fabric with type printed onto the fabric. I’m loving fabric with type or maps on it at the moment, zakka stylin’. Typical me I couldn’t just have a plain necklace I had to embellish. So somehow I ended up with red knot that wasn’t quite working, aaah I thought, I’ll put a bunch of french knots over it in a variegated thread…..Hmmm not sure. I’ve had mixed comments on the clot, some agree it’s very clotty, other’s are ok with it. Me, well I’m not going to take it off, but I’ll make another I think minus the clot. Very easy necklace to make with lovely results.


Next we have the flower garland. Pattern originally from this book. Again, I had to fiddle. I had this idea that the garland had to last, so it had to be reinforced. Hmmm maybe not. The end result is pretty but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable wearing it.  Again, I’ll make this one again, being less anal and not reinforcing it! It needs to be more organic and lose.


I told you we’re all about the textile accessory over here. Moving on to the wristband. Pattern from Lynn however I’ve modified it (that it’s got to last attitude again). I’ve made a quilt sandwich to give it a little bulk and made it wider. The two on the left above are the new ones finished, the one on the right I’ve been wearing on and off for about a month. So you can get an idea of how it ages. These are great fun to make, fairly quick, depends how much you like to embellish and nice and squishy to wear. When embroidering I also keep my knots hidden in the sandwich and don’t embroider through all the layers. Again we have yoyo action.


Finally, we have the scrap necklace from the craftster tutorial I posted at whipup. I think this one’s a little short. It’s fun to make and fairly mindless, cutting out tonnes of little eight’s from scraps. I was managing to cut 6-8 at a time. Think I’ll make another in black and white fabrics and maybe with a third colour or maybe it needs to be more random. Hmmm the control freak in me wants it to match! Love to see if any of you out there are trying these or other textile accessories.

BT3 landed

The bunny has landed with Kelli, so glad she likes it, I refer to it as "it" I don’t think it’s a she or a he, it’s an it. Go figure. I was so happy to be creating something for Kelli, she’s stepped up to the plate previously as a BT angel. She’s taken some excellent photos, thanks Kelli.

Would you like to know the details? Here goes.

We have a double sided dress using Lynn’s pattern. I’ve modified it and it closes using a hook, the ribbon just wasn’t working. The dress is reversable, one side has red velvet with a coordinating itty bitty yoyo. The BHG pattern was also a little painful, there was no way I was going to be able to sew the legs in the way they suggested so I improvised, stuffed the body and legs and stuffed the legs in the body and slipped stitched them in by hand.


The other side of the dress I created a pattern of sorts using the blog addresses of BT3 participants. I’ve used a different inkjet product from previous, can’t find the link at the moment, the results are heaps better, a much finer detailed print.


There are five buttons! Two for the eyes, two for the arms and one bellybutton. The letter K, where is it you ask? Why it’s on the bunny’s butt of course, NO reflection on Kelli at all, Kelli, you know this 😉 . That’s about it for the details. This time around I stuffed with some undied wool roving I have and it’s a much better stuffie as a result. More dense, less lumpy, very happy.


Can you see the resemblence to JaJa Binx? Unintentional, but it’s there.

Full set of pics on flickr. So people get your pics into us by the end of the month so we can launch the BT gallery on the crafty world.

howdy y’all


Quick drop in to the blog to say hi and wave to you all! Man did I have grumpybum menstral tension earlier this week, can’t you tell by the post before this one? What a short, terse post! You can just ask Al, she was too scared to even email me. Sense of humour flew out the window, or as I described to her I think I must have stood on it and killed it when I got out of bed. LOL. Today’s Thursday and I’m taking tomorrow off to go to a craft fair with Em, I have knitting on Saturday and my buddy Al M’s back tomorrow from holiday’s (I’ve missed her!) so the world seems to be slightly righting itself again.

Crafty wise, I’ve been knit, knit, knitting the clap and the scarf with a million stitches, well 800 stitches at the moment. I’m going to start a row of this scarf at knitting circle Saturday and time how long it takes to knit just one row, I know, I know, the crazy things I do for a high. I’ve also been working on some textile accessories with mixed results yet to be shared.

What? You wanna know what’s in the picture above? Well you’ll just  have to wait, man you guys are nosy! Give me a little time, hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have something to show.

tagged and felt



Dacia’s gift tag swap.
The details, type inkjetted onto fabric, then ironed on double sided interfacing and backed with different fabrics, cut out by hand and ribbon added. Should be noted if you receive one of these you can write on the fabric, just might need to use a permanent pen. I’m sort of happy with these, not quite the vision I had imagined.


More felt magnets and a felt tape measure off to various locations.
Zebra kitty….more inkjetted fabric, dress lined with steel grey silk, body wool blanketing. Felt accessory on dress, off to someone, somewhere…..Did you see Lisa’s reopened her online store. Lovely, lovely stuff.


I’ve also been playing with fabric for jewellery making. I’m all about textile accessories at the moment. I’ll post hopefully later this week with some mixed results.

BT3 – we’re nearing the end of May. Hope all you participants are thinking about finishing up an getting it into the post. Kelli – I posted yours Saturday, I’m thinking 5-10 days airmail, just depends on how the postman’s feeling 😉


EDIT – Oops forgot to include Zebra kitty, here she is, excuse the dusty, dirty window.


finito sneaky peaky?

Yep, finished up my BT3. However I’m not going to show you all the details just yet. Don’t want to spoil it for Kelli. Anyone else use the BHG bunny pattern? Little bit tricky, but I’m very happy with the final result. Kelli, it’ll be winging it’s way over to you later this week.

Sneaky peak up the bunnies smock, ooh err vicar. Whatdya mean bunnies don’t have belly buttons?



Details and more revealing pics once it’s landed in another country.