Me and my sidekick for May’s Self Portrait Challenge. Need I say more? Oh, ok. Well I figure you guys know quite a bit about me from the blog so far…What more can I say? Hmm. Well I have a loud laugh and often get comments about it. I’m used to it and pretty much ignore it, but every now and then someone’s reaction to it reminds me, it’s loud 🙂  I’m noisy in the cinema apparently. I agree with the film, gasp, clap my hands, you get the idea. I think this annoys some of my buddies! I’m a bit of a nudie at home, well not all the time, but I’ve been known to house clean nude.

Umm Spud and I have bonded more in the past 6 months now that it’s just the two of us. Cats are fickle creatures, but that’s also what I love about him. He’s so unimpressed about these pics. What you don’t hear is his asking purr that’s happening here. It’s a combination of purring and sniffing and little throat noises. He wants to be rubbed, but I’m busy, so you also didn’t see him sink his teeth ever so gently into my arm during this shoot, just to let me know, you know, that HE’s here and HE wants patting. Brat.

Why do I do the Self Portrait Challenge? Probably because it’s a shift from my usual craft posts, it forces me to take photo’s of myself and be comfortable with them, it shares more of my world that isn’t seen past the blog.

If you want to see the larger, up close, scarier version of these images, off you go. Also a big huge thanks and congrats to Kath for putting together the new Self Portrait website, excellent work Kath, you machine!


9 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Hanna says:

    I like your story that goes with the photo of sounds and everything. I like self portraits too, such a great ego trip, right? Beautiful cat, too!


  2. Catherine says:

    I love your personality, and sometimes I can hear/read your aussie accent in your stories. I live in California, am 48 and have a girl 12 and a boy 11 and I feel and act the same way at the movies and they think I am too loud. My daughter says I laugh like a chicken, and my son reminds me not to laugh as loud as I usually do. I love your photos, and really got hooked around the time you took the ones through the kaliedescope. I visit as often as I can. You make me laugh! Thanks.


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