tagged and felt



Dacia’s gift tag swap.
The details, type inkjetted onto fabric, then ironed on double sided interfacing and backed with different fabrics, cut out by hand and ribbon added. Should be noted if you receive one of these you can write on the fabric, just might need to use a permanent pen. I’m sort of happy with these, not quite the vision I had imagined.


More felt magnets and a felt tape measure off to various locations.
Zebra kitty….more inkjetted fabric, dress lined with steel grey silk, body wool blanketing. Felt accessory on dress, off to someone, somewhere…..Did you see Lisa’s reopened her online store. Lovely, lovely stuff.


I’ve also been playing with fabric for jewellery making. I’m all about textile accessories at the moment. I’ll post hopefully later this week with some mixed results.

BT3 – we’re nearing the end of May. Hope all you participants are thinking about finishing up an getting it into the post. Kelli – I posted yours Saturday, I’m thinking 5-10 days airmail, just depends on how the postman’s feeling 😉


EDIT – Oops forgot to include Zebra kitty, here she is, excuse the dusty, dirty window.


21 thoughts on “tagged and felt

  1. MissMeshell says:

    Oooohhhh, your tags are FABULOUS! I would be mighty happy with them if I were you! :)) The fabrics are wonderful and I just love what the text says, lol
    Meshell xx


  2. anjo says:

    The tags are magnificent, absolutely! The felt goodness is super good. Little kitty is lovely. And I am so inspired by your creations and blog on an ongoing basis (thanx bunches!).


  3. Jo says:

    If I was you I would be very, very happy with those tags. They are fantastic. “Did you make this? You’re so clever!”


  4. Megan says:

    I think those tags look fabulous. I’ve seen some of the others too on various blogs and you’ve all done a great job. It’s a great idea for a swap.


  5. lois says:

    Just found your wonderful blog.
    I’m a novice to sewing; long term knitter and would love to make some of the lovely gift tags. Can you possible show more pics? or provide more details so I can attempt this wonderful project.


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