howdy y’all


Quick drop in to the blog to say hi and wave to you all! Man did I have grumpybum menstral tension earlier this week, can’t you tell by the post before this one? What a short, terse post! You can just ask Al, she was too scared to even email me. Sense of humour flew out the window, or as I described to her I think I must have stood on it and killed it when I got out of bed. LOL. Today’s Thursday and I’m taking tomorrow off to go to a craft fair with Em, I have knitting on Saturday and my buddy Al M’s back tomorrow from holiday’s (I’ve missed her!) so the world seems to be slightly righting itself again.

Crafty wise, I’ve been knit, knit, knitting the clap and the scarf with a million stitches, well 800 stitches at the moment. I’m going to start a row of this scarf at knitting circle Saturday and time how long it takes to knit just one row, I know, I know, the crazy things I do for a high. I’ve also been working on some textile accessories with mixed results yet to be shared.

What? You wanna know what’s in the picture above? Well you’ll just  have to wait, man you guys are nosy! Give me a little time, hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have something to show.

14 thoughts on “howdy y’all

  1. Alison says:

    Missed you too! Just packing now and at last count I have, ahem oh around 20 Japanese craft books to pack 🙂 Wessy J has been a VERY patient man to say the least!!! Speak to you soon (.)(.), Alxx


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