blood clots ‘n’ knots


That’s the name of the piece above. My buddy Kate has excellent accessories and she turned up one day wearing a gorgeous neckalce. It was a fabric tube with beads inside of it and knots in between, made out of an off white fabric with type printed onto the fabric. I’m loving fabric with type or maps on it at the moment, zakka stylin’. Typical me I couldn’t just have a plain necklace I had to embellish. So somehow I ended up with red knot that wasn’t quite working, aaah I thought, I’ll put a bunch of french knots over it in a variegated thread…..Hmmm not sure. I’ve had mixed comments on the clot, some agree it’s very clotty, other’s are ok with it. Me, well I’m not going to take it off, but I’ll make another I think minus the clot. Very easy necklace to make with lovely results.


Next we have the flower garland. Pattern originally from this book. Again, I had to fiddle. I had this idea that the garland had to last, so it had to be reinforced. Hmmm maybe not. The end result is pretty but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable wearing it.  Again, I’ll make this one again, being less anal and not reinforcing it! It needs to be more organic and lose.


I told you we’re all about the textile accessory over here. Moving on to the wristband. Pattern from Lynn however I’ve modified it (that it’s got to last attitude again). I’ve made a quilt sandwich to give it a little bulk and made it wider. The two on the left above are the new ones finished, the one on the right I’ve been wearing on and off for about a month. So you can get an idea of how it ages. These are great fun to make, fairly quick, depends how much you like to embellish and nice and squishy to wear. When embroidering I also keep my knots hidden in the sandwich and don’t embroider through all the layers. Again we have yoyo action.


Finally, we have the scrap necklace from the craftster tutorial I posted at whipup. I think this one’s a little short. It’s fun to make and fairly mindless, cutting out tonnes of little eight’s from scraps. I was managing to cut 6-8 at a time. Think I’ll make another in black and white fabrics and maybe with a third colour or maybe it needs to be more random. Hmmm the control freak in me wants it to match! Love to see if any of you out there are trying these or other textile accessories.

14 thoughts on “blood clots ‘n’ knots

  1. joleen says:

    ok everything is amazing! i’ve been wanting to try out that last necklace since it’s premiere on whipup. the first necklace has the funniest name! i like it with or w/o the center knot. LOVE the text fabric. 🙂


  2. Nichola says:

    They all look great! I know a girl that was making and selling necklaces like the first one, she used knit fabric to make hers. I love the scrap necklace, i think i’ll make one……someday.


  3. Kate says:

    The blood clot is growing on me, it is indeed. At least you make your own fabbo accesories: I merely spend too much money buying ’em.


  4. Amanda Woodward says:

    so so gorgeous!!!!! I replied to a comment you left me & for some reason, it sent it back to me :C I wanted to thank you for your kind words, it was really really great. And those necklaces make me SO happy!!!!!!!


  5. Renee says:

    Wow! Lovely necklaces! I think I am in love :D. Did you do something to stop them fraying? Or does that not matter?


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