blythe and the tomegranate

I’m secretly envious of one of the IV’s who has a daughter with a Blythe. So to live vicariously through my buddy’s kid I’ve made her a couple of frocks and a little doggie for her birthday. If you’re reading this Zoe, happy birthday and I’ll bring my camera to the next IV’s and we’ll have a photoshoot! Dress pattern from Puchimadam and doggie pattern from Orriettacat. The spool of thread is for scale, but then realised it’s quite a tall spool, about 5cm tall. The details: the bike dress is using the Heather Ross Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries range, waist has green ribbon that ties in a bow at the back. The bodice of this dress is excellent, it’s fully lined.


Next up we have more pink, this fabric’s from my Better Pal (she was an excellent pal), the waist is decorated with a floral trim I had in the stash, again the spool for scale.


Lastly but definitely not least we can’t have a Blythe without a puppy.


Yes, it’s all pink because pink is Zoe’s favourite colour.

The title of the post you’re asking. Well Julie has issued a pincushion challenge and May’s is fruit. So we started out here trying to make an apple, but we’ve sort of ended up with a tomato/pomegranatesque creation. So nobody said anything about GM fruit not being allowed, so I present to you the tomegranate. It’s a bit wonky but sort of cute, sewn with red velvet with felt leaves and a vintage button. Thanks Julie, what’s the challenge for June?



22 thoughts on “blythe and the tomegranate

  1. Megan says:

    I don’t know which to comment on first, they’re all so adorable. Those dresses – they must have been a lot of fun to come up with, as with the pooch. So, so cute. And tomegranate I do believe looks good enough to eat.


  2. Kate says:

    Yeah that’s a tomato alright. Reminds me of this grocery store in Sydney that used to have a big red tomato as a logo. Only Jon always thought it was an apple, but it was really a tomato, danggit.


  3. Cara says:

    YAY! So happy to see what you’ve done with some of the fabric. I had such a good time picking it out for you. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Zoe's mum says:

    I wish you could have seen her face and heard her saying ‘oooooh isn’t that beautiful’ when she opened the present. It was a delight to watch. They fit perfectly and the dog is absolutely adorable.
    So, thank you Nicole.


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