Watchit or I’ll cut ya a new one…

It’s the Spicedude’s birthday which is just an excuse for me to make something. Just as well Spicey doesn’t mind handmade…well not that he’s said otherwise. I figured a small kitty softie’s not too girlie for a tough aussie male. Umm well maybe it is, but I reckon that Cleaver has enough attitude to pass for a fella’s toy.

So we have Cleaver. Obviously named after the handtool that he’s wielding, don’t tell anyone but it’s made from poly clay so really, Cleave’s harmless. Don’t you trust him? What, what do you mean his eyes are shifty?! Cleave’s wearing a red felt APRON people, APRON, not a frock and he thinks the grey pocket is very manly. I think Cleave’s having an identity crisis.



We also have an oven mitt. Another manly gift 😉  The mitt is to complement the mapron I made for another of Spicedude’s birthday’s. Using the pattern from Denyse Schmidt’s latest book and I found thermal wadding to use so no burnt man hands.


17 thoughts on “Watchit or I’ll cut ya a new one…

  1. Briana says:

    You’re killing me… that’s too fabulous.
    (Here’s a dirty secret – cute, cuddly softies make me kind of ill for the most part. But I would be *proud* to shave my kitchen with a kittly like Cleaver. He earn’s the title od “badass” in my book).


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