See it and weep….

Hey IV’s how you all going on your clapotis? Hey? Hey? Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say, "I’ve got kids,  you don’t" well, phewy to you gals! LOL, I’m just giddy because, one I actually finished an IV knit and two (most importantly) I finished FIRST.

Ummm, *kicks foot in dirt*, however in my excitement to try and photograph her I aaah locked my keys in the car….with the car running, on a work day! Hilarious now, but not at the time! Let’s just say we hadn’t eaten breakfast and had a sudden rush of poop to the brain.


The verdict, she’s lovely. Lovely to wear, lovely yarn, bit of a ballbreaker to knit, ie monotonous AND I finished her with only metres of yarn left, Alison M actually ran out of yarn with six rows to go and managed to scrape through with ends. So a little warning to anyone knitting the clap with the lion and lamb…Also if I’d considered it further I would have made her a couple of inches narrower and longer, just how I like to wear my scarves, I won’t wear her as a shawl. I’d like to knit her again with sock yarn or Koigu, something like that. It is an excellent pattern.

19 thoughts on “See it and weep….

  1. Margaret says:

    Way to go, nickers. It looks fantastic. (Don’t mind Emma… the stress of being a famous Readers Digester has gone to her head.) Besides, I’m sure she’ll finish an IV knit one day too…


  2. MissMeshell says:

    Absolutely beautiful! 🙂
    and I always lock myself out of my house, have yet to lock them in the car though! Plus it’s always when I need to pee… 😛


  3. Heels says:

    It’s just gorgeous!
    I once locked my dog in my running car (we were leaving the vet’s office at the time) and it was c-o-l-d outside. A kindly park ranger coat-hangered the window and popped up the lock for me.
    So, you’d knit the clap again using sock yarn? I don’t know how to knit socks, but I love sock yarn, so that intrigues me. Suggestions? (Of course, I also don’t know how to manage the clap pattern, but I will eventually happen across someone in my parts who does.)


  4. di says:

    Wonderful clap! [claps vigorously in acknowledgement]
    I have to laugh at the car thing- I manged once to lock my keys in the car, with the car running, when it broke down, in the middle lane, in peak hour morning traffic, on my way to a client meeting- and I had all the documents we were presenting to them…..
    Poop on the brain indeed.


  5. Shirra says:

    Love the Clapotis. I’m about a third of the way through one right now. Yeah, a bit monotonous, but good for travelling once the pattern is stuck in your head. The yarn is beautiful.
    My car went through a phase where it locked itself. When the battery dies the car goes into Super Security mode. I lived in fear of the car locking the keys in and stranding me somewhere while the alarm sounded for half an hour.


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