what colour is a rut?

Do you think it’s a murky browny dirty colour? That’s what a rut feels like doesn’t it? Yep, in a stinking "what am I doing with my life, what do I want from my life" blah blah etc RUT. Stinking dirty rut.

You got the picture.

Talking to a friend I was trying to explain the rut, he hadn’t seen The Young Ones, so I couldn’t even explain the rut. Like I’m about to those of you that do remember them. Remember the bored skit? Well, here you go. Hopefully the rut will pass (sort of like a weather front) and something warm, fuzzy and crafty will come back to me. You’ll need some sound peeps.

EDITED – Removed video, had some problem with the file.

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12 thoughts on “what colour is a rut?

  1. Kelli says:

    Well, a weather rut has been hovering over Phoenix now for more than a month too. I blame it on the heat. I think a rut is transparent, like the oasis I’m seeing when driving down the scortching hot highway.


  2. lisa s says:

    aw man…. well i have a little something i’m finally going to mail to you this week…. not rut-wrenchingly amazing, but maybe it will help just a little??


  3. lisa says:

    ruts are cyclical. been in one before, not in one now, will be in one again. you will get out of it. as the buddha masters would say, sit in the rut and feel its emptiness.


  4. Wendy says:

    Second that for the Young Ones clip! Ruts are beigy sandy coloured. Very similar in fact to the beigy sandy colour of the earth/sky/air as I try to peer through the humidity fogged windows of my apartment located in beigy sandy Abu Dhabi. Hmmm.


  5. Nichola says:

    I think it must be this Australian winter because i’ve been feeling similar recently. I love The Young Ones, i remember sitting with my Dad to watch it when i was little.
    Hope you get some creative colour back in your life very soon.


  6. di says:

    Ahhh the joung ones. Scott recognised the sound of it from across the room.
    Knowing that you’re in one is a step towards emerging from it. See you on the other side soon!


  7. Sooz says:

    Omg I’m in exactly the same place yet didn’t know what to name it!
    I think a rut is sludgy but not a rich caramelly brown – a vile greeny/grey/brown which doesn’t sit nicely on anything except slime and sludge.


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