Hmm do I have to say much in this post? Feed the blog, water the blog, blog fodder. Blog, blog, blah! Nah only kidding, well maybe,maybe not. Hmm woke up on an odd side of the bed this morning, followed by a gym workout with one of the instructors walking around blowing bubbles at us, "Good morning Nicole, stop yawning"….my inner dialogue at this point "Go blow your friggin bubbles elsewhere and get stuffed, it’s my gym workout and I can yawn if I want to".

So…umm onto our usual blog programme. Here’s a coupla things for you to look at. Pretty hey. It’s a little like a Sesame Street moment "one of these things is not like the other", except it’s a "both of these things look edible but only one of these things is edible". Or not!

We have the Kidsilk Haze scarf, just under 2 balls required, pattern from Melanie Falick’s "Handknit Holidays". Pattern altered, I cast on 150sts, to end up with a total of 2400sts. I like the colour but would also like to try this scarf in a grey colourway, the red has the potential to look like a clown’s collar. Noice.


Secondly, some more cupcake action. Even though I declared this year of the cookie for me, I’m drawn to cupcakes. These were for a work buddy’s birthday. Vanilla cupcakes, from Donna Hay, vanilla frosting with marshmallows (cut the marshmallows into four petals) with coloured sugar and silver ball thingies.


Next up, cast on socks, toeup turkish with short row heels, that’s the intent anyhow.

15 thoughts on “fluffiness

  1. Jo says:

    Love your cupcakes. They look awesome. I have just lashed out on DH Kids, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I wonder if her cupcake recipe is the same as last year’s. Must have a look because it had some extraordinary number of eggs in and for that number of eggs I was expecting big things and I was sorely dissappointed. I beleive that I have the cupcake recipe to end all cupcake recipes. If you want it and ask very nicely, I may give it to you. Maybe in return for some flammin’ boot scootin fabric ??? Oh, hang on, you’ve already sent me that. Did I mention the scarf – lovely.


  2. di says:

    Lovely work! Both look edible to me. Delish.
    I must say I am incapable of exercise first thing in the morning. I think similar thoughts to you, and it doesn’t take much of a push for me to actually voice them- my self restaint wakes up a few hours after the rest of me…


  3. kelly says:

    absolute fluffy goodness! and those cupcakes… amazing! how’s your rut doing? let me know if you manage to find a way out – I could use some help in that regard!


  4. Kelli says:

    Damn it. I wish I was there to eat one of these. They look so good! Tell me more of this Donna Hay woman. I read about her on blogs, but have no idea who she is. Is she a domestic diva?


  5. Hilari says:

    My friend just made me that very same scarf in grey with silver and black. It’s quite lovely. I don’t know what kind of yarn she used though.


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