Crack that WIP, WHIP IT GOOD

Ok Al and Jo, there’s been talk, here and here and about what yous are gonna do with your Scablight treats….so where’s the progress ladies?


Here’s a sneak peek of the start of something…..Sorry Suse no lampshades, that’s not to say I didn’t spray tea over the monitor when Al pointed out your comment.


Rest of Friday’s WIP’s over here.

8 thoughts on “Crack that WIP, WHIP IT GOOD

  1. Alison says:

    It kind of looks like God is giving one of the apostles the book with a fluffy pink slipper. Now that’s class.
    This weekend Nic, good design just doesn’t happen….


  2. Miss Dot says:

    you guys are going to hell in a handbasket! LOVE the combo, reminds me of the 70’s Jesus is Love stamps and cards the nuns use to give us at school, in the 70’s! cant’ wait to see the final product. :-0


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