Me and Mr Jim, we got a thang going on

Over a week ago, about 6pm there was a knock at my door. I’m comfortably dressed in trackie pants, sweater and ugg boots, thinking who’s knocking at the door, no-one comes around unannounced. I open the door to my neighbour, who until this point Al M and I had been referring to as "Reg". "Reg" water’s "his" roses at my place and a couple of other plants, he also prunes the rose bushes and takes my rubbish bin out to the verge and brings it back. Reg is a trooper.

So there’s "Reg", "what are you doing?", me, umm not a lot, Reg "come over for a beer". So over to Reg’s for a beer, he has a plate laid out with cheese and crackers and some olives. Sweet!

We sit down and have a chat. His name is Jim and man is he a character. He’s been to war, has a wife (now in assisted care), he has children, grandchildren, he’s studied pruning and spent over 15 years of his working career as a cutter and sewer for various theatres around Perth and also the Police and Navy, you name it Jim’s sewn it! He tells me he can cut and sew a kilt from memory and that it’s better to do two at once and you need about 18 metres of fabric. He has over half a dozen sewing machines which he won’t show me, maybe he’s shy. He also paints, loves fishing, goes lawn bowling and makes jam. You know how I know he makes jam? I offered once to exchange some of my jam for a plate of his fresh herring he’d caught that day. Jim’s response "why would I want your jam, I have a cupboard full of my own homemade jam". Me, trying not to laugh, says ok then Jim. On leaving his home from our beer, I say maybe I can cook him dinner sometime, his response….yep "can you cook? I’m fussy"! LOL at this point I’m like "shit can I cook"??? So I figured Jim can’t knit!

The point? Well I knew the roses needed pruning and was planing on doing it this Sunday, but when I arrived home Friday night, tired and a little fed up, there were the pruned roses. Bloody good one Jim! I figure Jim needs a hand knit beanie, I know he’ll appreciate the skill, time and the yarn I choose for him. Knitted using Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra, 2 skeins, pattern from Village. I really like the pattern.


I’d left the beanie wrapped with a card on Jim’s doorstep and when I got home yesterday this was on my doorstep from Jim. Love his jam label, his rubber stamped name! Classic.


One final Jim story. A couple of Sunday’s ago, Spud and I were having Sunday breakfast on the front porch stairs. Spud was on his harness and lead and we were quietly enjoying the papers and winter sunshine. Jim’s out watering and pottering and doesn’t see me sitting there quietly, he’s a little deaf so I’d have to yell to say hello and I figure I’ll just sit here reading until he sees me.

Jim’s neighbour comes home, young guy that Jim loves chatting to. The guy is telling Jim he thinks someone was trying to steal his car the evening before because all the security lights come on. Jim’s like "naaah would have been a cat mate, don’t worry about it", he then follows with, whilst pointing in the direction of my place, "can’t be her cat, she keeps her’s tied up"! The young guy sees me sitting there and I start cracking up, he smirks and Jim’s oblivious.

28 thoughts on “Me and Mr Jim, we got a thang going on

  1. Fiona says:

    Great stories, Nicole. Jim sounds like a real renaissance man – just the kind of bloke who would appreciate your lovely beanie. πŸ™‚


  2. Janine says:

    You know about my thing for occtagenerian males…did you? Anyway have since revised to post 66 year olds as patrick stewart just turned 66…..anyway, needless to to say I LOVE Jim….more updates in the future please.


  3. Jo says:

    I think I am in love with Jim. Everyone needs a Jim. We had Alice and Len who lived in the little house across the road with the loo outside for 56 years. Until the day after Boxing Day when Len went up the street to do the messages and put the house on the market. As you do, without telling your wife. Sold really quickly and they moved. I cried. We still keep in contact though. These people are bloody national treasures I tell you.


  4. Eloisa says:

    De-lurking, many thanks to Mister Jim πŸ™‚
    Hello Nicole, been reading your blog for awhile now. I just have to say, I love Mr. Jim! Hello neighbor indeed. What a sweet man he is.
    Oh and did I mention, I like Australia lots too.


  5. Kelli says:

    It’s moments like these, and people like Jim, that remind me that we are never truly alone. We have ample opportunities to make friendships and celebrate life if we decide to take them.
    I’ve got a Jim, but his name is Rex. He’s my running buddy and is 65. I love him dearly.
    The hat is beautiful and I can’t imagine Jim doesn’t love it too!


  6. Macoco says:

    Jim sounds lovely – you’re lucky to have a great neighbor. As a kid we had a neighbor like that – Charlie. He would come down and say to my mom.
    “Well Christine, I’ve noticed that roto-tiller sitting in the garden for three days now. When were you planning on asking me to fix it?”
    I miss him!


  7. Miss Dot says:

    that is one might fine Jim hat! sure he loves it. I have a John who is losing his marbles so we have the same chats everyday, but he was an optometrist so I get my glasses adjusted for nothing. Please, more regular Jim stories! I wonder what he would make of your blog world?


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