look mum one needle!

Who woulda thunk it. Really, over 3 years ago when I came across sock knitting, I was all "why would you do that, stupid DPN’s, itty bitty yarn". I wish I’d kept the chinese bound foot sock I made in my first sock knitting class. Guaranteed to have you pissing yourself.

Current day – I’m all about the socks. Extreme sock knitting, bring it! I’ve gone from attempting dpn’s to 2 circular’s one at a time, to 2 circular’s two at a time and now  1 needle magic loop two at a time with a bit of lace for good luck.


Pictured here are the beginning’s of Anna’s Elfine, using my own handpaint. The lace is just starting to emerge. I haven’t got lace brain yet so I’m having to think a lot and look down at the pattern, but hopefully it’ll get quicker. I’m sure Kate thought I was nutty last night sitting next to her on the sofa muttering under my breath as I dropped stitches or misread the pattern.

Thank you to Joelene for her excellent turkish cast on magic loop tutorial.


I participated in a compound word picture project. Check it out this week as the diptychs roll out.

What am I listening to? Well thanks to Lisa, NPR’s live sessions, Neko Case and Jose in particular, are excellent. Go on over and send Lisa’s kitty Moe get well wishes.

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special quality.

Figured we can move on from the tack. Alison’s stepped up to the plate. Come on Jo, bring it! Where’s the birthing vest? or mat?


Fran and I organised a swap (Fran, SPOILER ahead, if you’d like a surprise, don’t read this post, yeah right, that’s like saying "don’t look", well I tried). I saw her button rings and jumped! Fran was an UBER swapper. She went above and beyond swapping generosity. There were several rings, a book, more buttons for me to play with AND these lovely forks. Sorry these "Special Quality" forks. You think they have magic power? I reckon they do. Gotta love that packaging, the colours, the type, classic. They remind me of prawn cocktails when I was a kid.


So what’s Fran getting? She has a Blythe or 3? I think it’s 3, Fran was being tight lipped about the number. More Blythe frock sewing was in order. Gotta get me one of these one day. I have no idea if they will fit, they are sewn from a Blythe pattern so it should be all good. Pattern from Puchimadam, click on the patterns link, under "library".


It’s sooo much fun making mini frocks. Could you imagine these human sized? That apple button would be huge! The patterns would look fabu in human size. The dresses are about 110mm high approx. Individual, larger images over at flickr.

I had a blast packaging these frocks. I used the template from Martha’s money bags, deleted the pattern supplied in the pdf and overprinted the template onto printed paper. The tops of the bags were pinking sheared and I wrapped fine silver thread around the tops and added a button to each.




Each frock was wrapped in tissue and has a coordinating sticker to seal it.


On a side note, I’ve started a flickr group for Jess Hutch fans. Join up and post your finished knits.

Song of the week. Well it’s an oldie to me, but it might be new to you guys. For you knitters, Camille’s "Ta douleur" video and via Kate a freakin’ excellent remix of the same song over at DJ Moule, click on Bootleg and download "Ta Douleur in a Field", be quick, it won’t be up for long. There’s a bunch of other cool stuff to listen to as well.

What, you’re still here! Go on, off with you!

oh I feel dirty….

Well there was talk here and here about a TACK challenge. Lots and lots of talk and bluff and puffy chests and giggles. So ladies where is it? Where’s the tack? I have been immersed in tack, wading through biblical characters, glittery balloons, the sun, the moon, montages of fluffy critters and psychodelic patterns.


First up there is the oven mitt. Do I really need to give you details? Doesn’t the imagery speak for itself? I think it does. However the astute reader will note there are only 5 out of 6 fabrics showing here. Yes, the sun and the moon missed out. So just when I thought "phew, it’s over", I was like "f*%$ gotta make something with ALL the fabrics and I have a bucketload of it left".


So I figured a little shredding and knitting wouldn’t hurt. The tacky-hat was born. Excuse the out of focus photo. The hat is topped, of course, with a tassle made from the biblical fabric. Where would one wear this fine piece of fashion? Well, I haven’t quite figured it out. It’s toasty warm and has a sort of bohemian feel to it. Hmm maybe if I had kids instead of the naughty chair I could use the tack-hat? Humiliating enough?

Just in case you didn’t get a good enough look, here you go.


Everybody was kung-FO fighting.

Slaying UFO’s around here, just cutting them down left and right Jedi style. Well the knitted UFO’s anyhow, *cough* let’s not talk about the sewing UFO’s.


First up, Sweet Mary Janes. Knitted in Kureyon, 2 balls. Can’t remember pattern details, except that it was a nice pattern and a very quick knit. I also knitted them on 2 circ’s, can’t deal with DPN’s. I’ve had these bebe’s finished for over a month, just needed to finish the crochet edge on one of them and attach the kitty buttons. I’m loving the kitty buttons and Noro just have a knack for variegated yarns. Loving it.


Here’s the pattern and the KAL.


Next up my rockin’ socks. Knitted in Socks that Rock, Hard Rock. Using Craftaholic’s chart, I then fudged the pattern together, figure of 8 cast on 2.5mm two circular’s, toeup, with short row heels. No "heel flap" which I’m not sure how I feel. I do like the short row heels, very neat. I like the finished feel of the STR yarn, however it’s a much firmer knit than Lorna’s or CTH. I usually use 2.5mm as my tension is tight on circular’s, but I could have gone down to a 2mm I reckon for these. Excuse this picture, I’ll try and get you a clearer one for another post.


Hey, thanks ya’ll for voting! The cannelloni won out. Sorry not ONE picture. You’ll just have to trust me that it was tasty. It wasn’t the prettiest of meals, something about some idiot ie me, lining the baking dish with foil to which the fresh pasta just stuck like glue.

The whoopie pies were tasty again, they were served with strawberries, I know we’re in winter and we have berries, don’t think about it and neopolitan icecream (no, sorry not made by me, that was doughman’s territory).

Cannelloni was accommpanied by roasted zucchini and carrots with orange juice and zest. Tasty.

I was a little out of practice cooking for 5, but we got there. Nice night and thanks to GnP for the kitchen.

Crafting – the socks are nearly finished. Well they are finished, but there’s something about some tool didn’t want a rib at the top so she just cast off and well, the cast off’s too tight soooo she’s fixed one sock by casting off with a larger needle and needs to do it to the other sock. So maybe, just maybe she’ll get it finished tonight at the IV’s.

I have sewing projects in my head but haven’t the motivation for them at the moment. I owe Fran’s blythe a frock or 3 and need to pull finger.


Di  last night I saw Unfolding Florence, how excellent. Florence was an amazing wallpaper designer in the 1950’s. She was murdered in her late 70’s and noone has ever been charged.More about her here. Signature Prints now own her catalogue and use her patterns on textiles, they’ve recently opened an online shop. Such a refreshing documentary style. The animations were gorgeous and the "cast" of friends were sooo eccletic and interesting. So nice to see such an Australian icon honoured in this way. Gillian Armstrong did an excellent job.

assistance required

Here’s the deal. Cooking dinner Sunday night for four of us, undecided about mains. Want to help me decide? If so vote on the poll below. You have until sometime Saturday morning, depends when I go shopping for ingredients. Keep in mind it’s winter in my part of the world at the moment, so warm food is where it’s at. I was looking at good old bangers and mash, but haven’t found myself a sausage maker I love in Perth.

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Dessert will either be sweet pumpkin pie or whoopie pies (chocolate and marshmallow), depending on mains. Not sure of a starter, but thinking maybe some vegie dip, but we probably won’t need it. Will also serve some greens with mains, maybe some broccolini.

So people, bring it. Will be interesting to see what you guys think and thanks in advance if you take the poll!

“Eating your way through the petting zoo”

Warning – post mentions the eating of small cute critters, don’t read on if you find this offensive.

Yep, Alison’s comment had me laughing and squirming at the same time, after I’d mentioned the itty bitty bunny rack I was presented with on Saturday night.

As you can see from the menu below there was a lot of challenging foods on this menu. Lots of firsts for me, rabbit, black pudding, pigeon (including pigeon LEG meat, we were told), pork belly and oxtail. Yep, the petting zoo. I’m not even going to try and wax lyrical about the food, let’s just say it was a roller coaster of foodie tastes and surprises and some delicious New Zealand Sauv Blanc, heavy on the passionfruit, just the way I like it.


The only one I really struggled with was the black pudding, but I think it was a texture thing. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Perth however I was a little disappointed with the timing of our dego. Something went squiffy and we started off well, then there was this lapse and then all of a sudden a flurry of dishes, bang, bang, bang. What you don’t see on the menu is we also opted for the additional 3 chef’s choices. I can’t even remember what they were, though they were delicious. We started at 8pm and finished after 12pm!

Excuse the flash on the bunny below, the lighting was very low and I had to resort to flash to share the itty bitty ribs with you guys. One of the ribs could fit whole inside my mouth, for scale 🙂


When we arrived this is what greeted us, bunches of cutlery. This wasn’t all of it, we needed additional cutlery at some point. It was a fun night with my knitting buddies, I reckon something like this should be done annually, you guys agree?