– The act or function of tasting.
The sense of taste.

It’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed food. Probably due to being single and having to cook for one is not quite the same as cooking for 2. Aside from my usual local eateries that generally have no surprises I haven’t had any fine dining for a while.

This weekend’s turning out to be quite a fine dining experience. Tomorrow night I’m off with the IV’s to one of Perth’s finest restaurants, Jacksons. We’re booked in for the "dego", tasting menu. Wanna peak? Here you go. 3 of us are going the full hog and the other 2 are doing the vego dego (one’s preggers, she has an excuse). Mightily looking forward to this.

Tonight Gillian’s taking Paul and I to Tsunami. Spoilt rotten. AND then tomorrow morning Kate and I are off for breakfast at Milk’D. I think by the time Sunday rolls around, or I roll into Sunday, I’ll be well fed.

Oh, crafting. You want to know about crafting. This week’s been a little quiet on the craft front. The socks are coming along nicely, I have lots of sewing in my head, but not a lot of productivity at the moment. I have the yarn to make me some Fetching’s, but yet to start.

I’ll also be doing some reorganising and spring cleaning around here on the weekend. There’s a few cobwebs and it’s been ages since I changed the banner. I’ll let you know when it’s ready for those of you using a feed.

Have a great weekend and if you get the chance go and see the film "Junebug", excellent viewing. There’s a song that plays in the opening and ending credits that I’m having trouble finding and buying as a single mp3, it’s by Syreeta and it’s called "Harmour Love". She was briefly married to Stevie Wonder in the 70’s and he wrote this song. It’s in my head. If anyone has any ideas feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

5 thoughts on “Degustation

  1. Rachel says:

    if you have itunes
    that song is on “The Complete Stevie Wonder – Additional Singles & Rarities” album
    & in addition to that there is a whole syreeta cd


  2. Kate says:

    I just wanted to say I cooked my lunch eggs in the microwave and they weren’t too bad, though I couldn’t quite get the exact right spot between ‘undercooked’ and ‘dry’.
    You’ll love the dego, trust me, it’s like going to a party where they’ve got the best finger good EVAH.


  3. Kelli says:

    Too funny! I saw Junebug this weekend. Wasn’t that a strange/good movie? The daughter in law role cracks me up. I think I’m a touch like her, in the over-energetic, ask too many questions kind of way.


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