“Eating your way through the petting zoo”

Warning – post mentions the eating of small cute critters, don’t read on if you find this offensive.

Yep, Alison’s comment had me laughing and squirming at the same time, after I’d mentioned the itty bitty bunny rack I was presented with on Saturday night.

As you can see from the menu below there was a lot of challenging foods on this menu. Lots of firsts for me, rabbit, black pudding, pigeon (including pigeon LEG meat, we were told), pork belly and oxtail. Yep, the petting zoo. I’m not even going to try and wax lyrical about the food, let’s just say it was a roller coaster of foodie tastes and surprises and some delicious New Zealand Sauv Blanc, heavy on the passionfruit, just the way I like it.


The only one I really struggled with was the black pudding, but I think it was a texture thing. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Perth however I was a little disappointed with the timing of our dego. Something went squiffy and we started off well, then there was this lapse and then all of a sudden a flurry of dishes, bang, bang, bang. What you don’t see on the menu is we also opted for the additional 3 chef’s choices. I can’t even remember what they were, though they were delicious. We started at 8pm and finished after 12pm!

Excuse the flash on the bunny below, the lighting was very low and I had to resort to flash to share the itty bitty ribs with you guys. One of the ribs could fit whole inside my mouth, for scale 🙂


When we arrived this is what greeted us, bunches of cutlery. This wasn’t all of it, we needed additional cutlery at some point. It was a fun night with my knitting buddies, I reckon something like this should be done annually, you guys agree?



10 thoughts on ““Eating your way through the petting zoo”

  1. Miss Dot says:

    that rabbit looks like road kill! sitting in a pile of its own blood ouch!!! I would def need a lot of the Sauv Blanc to tackle it!!! argg of course I did once eat a whole spatchcock.. but I put one of the ravioli’s resting under each wing on top of its head so I wouldn’t have to look at it 🙂 while I ate it. Have you tried the new Eminem in Nedlands? they have a set menu thing that sounds fun.


  2. di says:

    Lucky Nicole!
    Sounds like an amazing feast. I think I could have even coped with the blood pudding in such tiny perfectly presented concoctions.


  3. gracia says:

    Ahh, the itty bitty ribs… perhaps not for me. Though I do love the way they describe foods on menus… icefish with fennel and orange… cheeky beef & mushroom. I have some pigeons in the back yard who have a lovely collection of truffled leeks too.
    Happy feasting!
    cheers, gracia


  4. Nicole says:

    Jo – apple was excellent – it was apple sorbet with roasted granny smith and apple mousse with persian apple fairy floss!
    Alison – :p
    Miss Dot – Not yet 🙂 want to.
    DI – Nooo ewww that was the worse bit.
    Sherpa – LOL, yeah hadn’t thought of it like that 🙂
    Gracia – yeah I had to just go “la la la” in my head with the rabbit. 🙂


  5. alice says:

    that’s exactly the sort of place my boyfriend drools over. Think I might be taken here next weekend, petting zoo food taken very seriously.
    That and the New Zealand Sauv Blanc – “heavy on the passionfruit” most definately the way to go. We have a local posh fish and chip shop that does a really nice one. Slightly odd thing to have at the chippie, a £12 bottle of wine, but darn it, how it works.


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