Hey, thanks ya’ll for voting! The cannelloni won out. Sorry not ONE picture. You’ll just have to trust me that it was tasty. It wasn’t the prettiest of meals, something about some idiot ie me, lining the baking dish with foil to which the fresh pasta just stuck like glue.

The whoopie pies were tasty again, they were served with strawberries, I know we’re in winter and we have berries, don’t think about it and neopolitan icecream (no, sorry not made by me, that was doughman’s territory).

Cannelloni was accommpanied by roasted zucchini and carrots with orange juice and zest. Tasty.

I was a little out of practice cooking for 5, but we got there. Nice night and thanks to GnP for the kitchen.

Crafting – the socks are nearly finished. Well they are finished, but there’s something about some tool didn’t want a rib at the top so she just cast off and well, the cast off’s too tight soooo she’s fixed one sock by casting off with a larger needle and needs to do it to the other sock. So maybe, just maybe she’ll get it finished tonight at the IV’s.

I have sewing projects in my head but haven’t the motivation for them at the moment. I owe Fran’s blythe a frock or 3 and need to pull finger.


Di  last night I saw Unfolding Florence, how excellent. Florence was an amazing wallpaper designer in the 1950’s. She was murdered in her late 70’s and noone has ever been charged.More about her here. Signature Prints now own her catalogue and use her patterns on textiles, they’ve recently opened an online shop. Such a refreshing documentary style. The animations were gorgeous and the "cast" of friends were sooo eccletic and interesting. So nice to see such an Australian icon honoured in this way. Gillian Armstrong did an excellent job.

8 thoughts on “burrrp…

  1. ampersandduck says:

    Isn’t Florence amazing? There’s a catalogue on her just recently published which is so beautifully designed and printed that it takes my breath away, down to the bookcloth used on the cover.


  2. shannon says:

    Yes must agree (like the good australian I am) Florence is way cool. Am looking fwd to the doco aswell as my samples ordered from Signature prints…ooohhheeeerrrr!!


  3. Jo says:

    My samples arrived last Friday and I ordered the same as the one you showed, but in the orange. Hmmm, what to do, what to do? I feel a bit naughty though. Like I did something really sneaky, and ordered on the pretence that I am about to drape my entire home in Florence Broadhurst. Which could work? Could I drag my husband to see the movie? I will never forget the time I dragged him to see “The Piano” and told him it was Billy Joel’s life story. About five minutes into the film, he lent across and whispered “You’re dead!”.


  4. di says:

    Ha- I love Jo’s story…
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the film 🙂 It’s nice to see a doco where you get to laugh a few times- at unexpected things.


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