oh I feel dirty….

Well there was talk here and here about a TACK challenge. Lots and lots of talk and bluff and puffy chests and giggles. So ladies where is it? Where’s the tack? I have been immersed in tack, wading through biblical characters, glittery balloons, the sun, the moon, montages of fluffy critters and psychodelic patterns.


First up there is the oven mitt. Do I really need to give you details? Doesn’t the imagery speak for itself? I think it does. However the astute reader will note there are only 5 out of 6 fabrics showing here. Yes, the sun and the moon missed out. So just when I thought "phew, it’s over", I was like "f*%$ gotta make something with ALL the fabrics and I have a bucketload of it left".


So I figured a little shredding and knitting wouldn’t hurt. The tacky-hat was born. Excuse the out of focus photo. The hat is topped, of course, with a tassle made from the biblical fabric. Where would one wear this fine piece of fashion? Well, I haven’t quite figured it out. It’s toasty warm and has a sort of bohemian feel to it. Hmm maybe if I had kids instead of the naughty chair I could use the tack-hat? Humiliating enough?

Just in case you didn’t get a good enough look, here you go.


27 thoughts on “oh I feel dirty….

  1. Jo says:

    Oh the shame! The shame! Yes, I am sorry, but I haven’t completed my piece. And now that I have seen how stunning your pieces are, well, how can I compete? I know a lady who is having a baby who may really appreciate wearing that hat to keep her head warm while she is in labour….


  2. Alison says:

    OMG JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you!!! The poor bebe will be scared stiff about coming out. Now a nice pair of slippers……
    I thought Jim might like it??


  3. Jo says:

    Actually, I am thinking that I need that pattern in a smaller version to make a wee hat for the baby to pop on as soon as it arrives. Imagine the photos! Mother and child in matching tack hats. And that would be the start of Alison and her child wearing many mother/child matching outfits. Don’t you think?


  4. jac says:

    Do you know what would go great with that hat? A sweatshirt with a kitten on it. And velour leggings. I leave you to decide on your own shoes.


  5. sarah says:

    now i reckon there should be an extra challenge for you girls to get the tack-items on the spotlight craft display (you know the one behind the counter)…


  6. Nicole says:

    Jo and Alison – out of control! Hmmm Alison, I think matching bebe hat for just after the arrival 😉
    Ducky 🙂 I know who would a thunk it. It nearly was a tea cosy…
    Miss Dot – YOU’RE ON! He made a comment recently when he saw my red kidsilk haze scarf “you going to hawaii he he” :>
    Jac – Oh nasty, but true. Shoes, platform sneakers I think.
    Sarah – NOW that’s a challenge. Ok see what I can do…see if I can get a pic. 🙂


  7. di says:

    Actually I think this kind of scrap knitting could work really well as a door mat in a rustic cottage. (I can picture the cooking/fashion mag spread now..)
    Although, as a hat in the craft display at Spotlight would be a close second.


  8. Kate says:

    I am SO disappointed that you didn’t wear that hat to see Jindabyne last night, because I feel it would have really suited the mood of the film.


  9. Nicole says:

    AL & DI, I had butterflies buying the fabrics, see how I go trying to get the ladies behind the spotlight counter excited about this, eek.
    Kate – YOU’RE soo right, would have suited the mood completely 😉


  10. nika says:

    that hat is so funny, and strangely familiar. i made hot-pads like that from some of my mom’s old girl scout project kits–she had made some as a girl too. cute!


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