look mum one needle!

Who woulda thunk it. Really, over 3 years ago when I came across sock knitting, I was all "why would you do that, stupid DPN’s, itty bitty yarn". I wish I’d kept the chinese bound foot sock I made in my first sock knitting class. Guaranteed to have you pissing yourself.

Current day – I’m all about the socks. Extreme sock knitting, bring it! I’ve gone from attempting dpn’s to 2 circular’s one at a time, to 2 circular’s two at a time and now  1 needle magic loop two at a time with a bit of lace for good luck.


Pictured here are the beginning’s of Anna’s Elfine, using my own handpaint. The lace is just starting to emerge. I haven’t got lace brain yet so I’m having to think a lot and look down at the pattern, but hopefully it’ll get quicker. I’m sure Kate thought I was nutty last night sitting next to her on the sofa muttering under my breath as I dropped stitches or misread the pattern.

Thank you to Joelene for her excellent turkish cast on magic loop tutorial.


I participated in a compound word picture project. Check it out this week as the diptychs roll out.

What am I listening to? Well thanks to Lisa, NPR’s live sessions, Neko Case and Jose in particular, are excellent. Go on over and send Lisa’s kitty Moe get well wishes.

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15 thoughts on “look mum one needle!

  1. Dipsy D. says:

    It’s amazing how many people are being converted into the magic of sock knitting, no? I felt the same like you did, and gosh, did I ever change my mind 🙂
    I love the beginnings of your Elfine’s socks – I’ve cast on for them last night too and am really looking forward to knitting them, the pattern is so pretty!


  2. Joelene says:

    Nicole, I loved this pattern! Your already look amazing!
    Funny thing, everything you just said about sock knitting is exactally how i felt now i can’t seem to knit anything else!


  3. Michelle says:

    love the colourway of your handpainted yarn!! gorgeous!! i dunno how to knit socks ‘yet’. hopefully soon. i just learned the magic loop method. just wondering, what’s the size and length of the circular needle that you used for knitting socks (magic loop method)?


  4. Allison says:

    I love the socks. You are too patient. I never thought of putting two on the circulars. DOn’t laugh but I have to have my mother around when I am doing because I tend to knit myself right off the circulars from time to time! That’s OK because we get to hang out. Good luck with you project.


  5. Julie says:

    The socks look great! I love magic loop too – will probably never do dpn’s again.
    I’m knitting the same pattern but I’m stuck at the heal – rejoining the the wrapped stiches back into the body of the sock (I get unacceptable holes) – please post how you do on this part of the pattern!
    As always, love your blog.
    From the other side of the globe,


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