When my baby…

Yep off to see HUGE do his thing tonight with my mum. My mother is going to be one big girly giggling mess, her football team is having its grand final tomorrow and she’s going to see HUGE. She’ll pop a vessel for sure. Hoping HUGE will deliver!

Lovely Lisa’s opened her store! Check it out. She’s also been featured on apartment therapy. Don’t you wished you lived at Lisa’s??? I sure do.

I’ve got a big crafty weekend planned. Sewing, cutting, pinning, followed by more sewing. Hopefully I’ll get the bug and sew like a mad lady.

I’m also attending my first fair day as part of Perth’s Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival. My first. More detail maybe for another post! LOL. Anyhow, I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

Have a great weekend.

Lifting the tone…

Well a little. Thank you to those brave enough to share your indulging stories and for the tutorial request. Ask and it’s yours. Following is how I do this, there are other ways and some of you may read this tutorial and snort to yourselves and mutter under your breath "THAT’s not how you make tissue holders"….well it’s how I make them πŸ™‚ so far no complaints.

I decided Ducky and Kodak will receive a tissue holder. Both great stories, but Kodak’s contact lens story is a doozy.

My technique is the "Lazy Ass Bastard" method, or LABβ„’ for short.

First up, I’m all about templates for patterns, especially small crafty projects that I’ll make more than once. I love adhering patterns to strawboard, makes it so much easier to place your pattern onto the fabric, trace with your chalk and then cut out.

So, for my version of the tissue holder, I’ve cut a template that’s 6 inches x 7 inches. Why inches you Aussies ask? My cutting matt and quilt ruler work inches so it’s just easier to go with inches.


Pick your outer fabric, trace and cut out slightly larger than the template. I also like to use a midweight fabric, just a personal preference. I also like to make more than one at a time, it’s quicker.

Next up, I usually line my holders with a 100% linen in a cream colour. Don’t cut your lining just yet, grab yourself some double-sided fusible interfacing, place your outer fabric pieces onto this and iron them in place. Let the fabric cool and then place these outer pieces onto your inner lining fabric. Iron away. Make sure you iron the edges well.


Now, grab your template, pinking shears or your rotary blade and cut out the 6" x 7".


Next up, add some trim to the 6" long edges. Be creative. Or don’t add any trim at all, up to you. You can at this point place your trim so it hides the pinking shear edge, if you have pinking sheared. You don’t necessarily have to use pinking shears as the fabric is fused it shouldn’t fray too much, maybe a little at the beginning.



Find the centre point on the 7inch edge and mark on the inside with chalk. Then fold in your 6inch edges to meet this point and pin in place.


Sew across the short edges. I like to oversew the opening to strengthen the stitching.


Trim any excess fabric from the seams and cut your corners at diagonals.


I use the brand pictured below for stuffing the holders.


Turn out the tissue holder and push out the corners.



Voila. Completed holder. Easy peasy. Some more finished holders here.

I’ve cross-posted this tutorial over at whipup.

The IV’s retreat? Went something like this, eat > talk > knit > talk knit > read knitting books by EZ > movie > eat more > talk > take photo’s of someone napping > knit > movie > knit > nap > take more unflattering photo’s of the nap > eat > knit > massage > eat talk > nap > knit > movie > talk > knit.

Finally, for your viewing amusement via Flickr blog, cats who lounge. Classic!

For you Mac users, signup to encourage Apple to create greener Macs!

Long weekend here in sunny WA, lots of sewing to do, must finish Petite 6.5’s shower gift especially since she’s due any day now. I’m also due a new handbag but have been thinking and procrastinating over it. Anyhow, have a great weekend!


You’re back! The last post didn’t completely terrify or disgust you. Phew πŸ˜‰

As you’re reading this I’m knitting by the sea hanging with my knitting posse. Kicking back,
watching EZ knitting DVD’s, eating yummy food and having general all round fun.


It’s become a bit of a tradition for Emma to give us pressies at these retreats. We don’t expect it, well we try not to expect it, and we’re all very appreciative. This time us IV’s decided to surprise Em. We bought one of Auntie Cookie’s illustrations. They’re very cool and this one came with a piece of matching fabric so we could use it when framing. I’m happy with the way this has turned out. Hopefully Em will love it.

I also decided to give the IV’s a little treat and it also gave me an excuse to make tissue holders, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. If enough of  you comment letting me know you’d like a tutorial for my version of the tissue holder you’ll be granted your wish! I’ll also give away a tissue holder to the most entertaining spew or overindulging story posted as a comment, yep, you have to publicy humiliate yourselves as well. If you want to see bigger pics of the holders, off you go.

Florence Broadhurst print, all lined with cream linen

Vintage fabric from Katey, part of my back-tack3

Amy Butler

Part of tea towel I used for a little bird’s BT3

Finally, here’s a sneak peak at part of something going to a Petite bebe…still got a little more sewing to do. Have a great weekend!

Well, hello there

Yeah, I’m here, in case y’all been wondering. The virus thing has a hold of me and I’ve been tired and a little uninspired. Yeah, yeah, I’m a poet. I’ve also been working on a petite’s shower gift, I’m WAY behind, but I have friends privileges so it’ll get there soon.

You might hear from me again this week, though probably not! I’m off with the IV’s this weekend for our bi-annual retreat before Emma gives birth to her 3rd (yes, you heard correctly), 3rd SON. Lord help her and us πŸ˜‰


I have one finished WIP. Fetchings from Summer 2006 knitty. Sweet little quick knit fix, 1 skein Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Very nice. Knit magic loop. All about the loop these days.

New to me blogs – Brooklyn Tweed, check out his photography! And Entwinements, a shibori blog. Also, Lisa’s posted some pictures of her exhibition work, loving it all and Mav’s guest blogging at DesignSponge guest blog this week.

Some of you mumbled in the comments from the last post that I can yabber on about falling a over t but don’t give the spew details….hey, I’m all for sharing and I have a doozie of a spew story. You really want to hear it though? I’m not sure we’re really ready for it at this time in our bloggysphere relationship. It could be a deal breaker, you could unsubscribe me from your bloglines. Really, you want to hear? Really! OK. Well, for those of you that are revolted by such stories, off you go, the rest of you sickos read on behind the cut. EDIT – Darn it, "behind the cut" doesn’t work in RSS feeds, you’re warned… πŸ™‚

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An Inconvenient Truth

If there’s only one film you see this year, please see "An Inconvenient Truth". Kelli, right up your alley. Half way through the film I was all "we’re fucked", the planet is doomed, but thank goodness Al came through with some positiveness at the end. I use both washing machine and fridge/freezer with excellent energy ratings, for you Aussies, you can do a search here for latest products and their rating. Next up I need to change over light bulbs to compact fluorescents and contact my local energy supplier to change over to green energy. Small steps… EDIT – Join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March.

Been a bit quiet around camp crafty. I got sick AGAIN, too sick to craft, can’t even knit! Saturday night sore throat and coughing. Sunday sick as a dog. Fever, sweats, hurling and coughing. Nice. I’m hoping today will be the final day and I’ve kicked it. Managed to hang up on two friends yesterday for a spew break, too much info? Aaah thought you’d be used to that by now!

Thanks too for the great comments on the bouncing right tit. Tit appears to be fine, knees and ego bruised. Glad you were amused.

Oh and you see the new knitty is out. I’m liking Cactus and I’m not usually a wrap girl but Tamarah is interesting. On the sock front, frogged the Elfine’s, need to go down to a 2mm and wasn’t happy with the toe shaping.

they weren’t made for THAT

Why is it that no matter how old you get you still feel 5 when you fall over? I’m not talking about tripping, I’m talking about ass over tit full throttle splat face first on the ground, or in this case tit first. The kind of fall where you’re in pain, but the first thought that enters your adult mind as you quickly glance around, whilst still on your front on the ground is "who saw that?".

Yep, this morning I walked out of the corner deli with my morning muffin (raspberry and white choc for those detail mongers), and became airborne as I walked back outside. Now I didn’t just trip, ooh no, I did a spectacular fly through the air, palms out and landed on my front via my knees, palms and my DD RIGHT BREAST! I actually felt myself BOUNCE on my breast, yes quite an odd sensation for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure. The muffin? Well that was in my left palm and I also felt that squish under my hand, as you can see it come out of it pretty well.


So I quickly scurried to my feet and hobbled back to work. First thing I do, ring my buddy Al M and tell her the story. Al’s used to me doing clumsy stuff. I’m clumsy, even more so when I’m premenstral. By the end of the story we’re both pissing ourselves and I’m crying laughing, you know when you’re in pain but it’s funny but it’s not, sort of crying laughing. Craughing. I hang up and think, I won’t fess up to anyone at the office, but oh no, first thing out of my mouth talking to the studio, "guess what just happened to me". They’re laughing too and smirking at me when I walk past them, gotta love it.

I still cannot get over the sensation of my body bouncing on my right breast, odd, just plain odd.

squareish squarey and jasper

Wow, it’s been a week between posts! No great reason, just nothing to share or say, I know, I know, unusual. The bosses have been in Europe for the past 4 weeks and I’m "boss" whilst they are away, what does that mean? Not a huge amount, well a LOT more client contact and working with and coordinating designers. I’m rusty and a little brain tired. I’ve felt inadequate at times, but managed to pull through without too much damage. Well, we’ll see, they’re back later this week.

Miss Kate’s birthday was yesterday and a bunch of us went out for tapas on Saturday night. It was a surprise for Kate that we were all there. There was Perth blog and editorial celebrity everywhere I tell ya. πŸ˜‰

Yummy food, no pictures sorry, and excellent music, good enough for a few of us to notice. Kate noticed Johnny Cash, Gayle and I noticed Nick Cave. There was duck, oysters, zucchini in lemon and fresh broad beans, that’s what I can remember. There was also rabbit torrine, but I skipped it this time. Being the sweet tooth I managed to squeeze in rocky road semi-freddo and it was delish. Would definitely go back again with a smaller group so I could concentrate on the food more. A great night, lots of laughs.

Of course, Kate was subjected to handmade gifts πŸ™‚ It’s great having newish friends you can foist handmade onto and they like it. Kate’s always appreciative and that’s also what makes making her stuff even more fun for me, it’s all about ME I tell you!


Seeing how Lucy got her own colourway from my favourite sock yarn people, Blue moon Fiberarts (site appears to be down, so I’ve linked you to the Fold), and they hadn’t been forthcoming yet with a Jasper colourway, I figured a Jasper colourway by Craftapalooza would have to do the trick. It’ll be interesting to see how this knits up. It’s knitpicks dye your own sock yarn, but not the superwash sock that they bought out JUST after I’d purchased mine, dammit. Dyed using food dyes, dry powder dyes. Jasper is predominately brown with white spots and a red collar, hence the red. Alison M was like "red?" and I’m like "no she’s not bloody, she has a red collar", had to be there I guess.


I also knitted Kate a Squarey from Jess Hutches knitted softie book. He’s very sweet, a little wonky in parts and more squarish than squarey, but lovable. Knit using lambs pride worsted for the main body and arms, a bit of kureyon and some anonymous grey marle wool yarn for the stripes.


Did the Father’s Day breakfast Sunday and then to recover from a family experience a couple of hours in a darkened cinema was required. I took myself off to see The Book of Revelation. I had read the book 4 years ago, Em had suggested it for a bookclub read, her first bookclub pick and also the first time she’d met bookclub LOL. I think the first sentence has the word pe*#s in it, half the group couldn’t read the book, but I found the concept fascinating. For those of you who don’t know, it’s definitely not a book about religion and it is directed by Ana Kokkinos (she also wrote the screen play), the same director that did Head On, that’ll give you some insight.

The movie was interesting, it had me fidgeting in my seat part the way through, couldn’t keep my attention. It does have an excellent Australian cast and Tom Long must have done some serious training to get the physique he has in the film, no budget for body doubles I would imagine. It was also great to see it filmed in Melbourne city. Lot’s of great memories, I lived in Melbourne for 3.5 years over 6 years ago and I still toy with thoughts of going back, it’s a gorgeous city to live in.

No new music for you today, a little birdie did tell me that he thinks The New Pornographers are coming to Australia later this year, I’m hoping Neko comes too! Newish to me blog, Modamuse, showcasing Australian and New Zealand artisans and crafters. Also exciting news Lisa’s store will be opening on 11 September.

Phew, got to the end, happy crafting and if you’re a kitty happy snoozing.