squareish squarey and jasper

Wow, it’s been a week between posts! No great reason, just nothing to share or say, I know, I know, unusual. The bosses have been in Europe for the past 4 weeks and I’m "boss" whilst they are away, what does that mean? Not a huge amount, well a LOT more client contact and working with and coordinating designers. I’m rusty and a little brain tired. I’ve felt inadequate at times, but managed to pull through without too much damage. Well, we’ll see, they’re back later this week.

Miss Kate’s birthday was yesterday and a bunch of us went out for tapas on Saturday night. It was a surprise for Kate that we were all there. There was Perth blog and editorial celebrity everywhere I tell ya. 😉

Yummy food, no pictures sorry, and excellent music, good enough for a few of us to notice. Kate noticed Johnny Cash, Gayle and I noticed Nick Cave. There was duck, oysters, zucchini in lemon and fresh broad beans, that’s what I can remember. There was also rabbit torrine, but I skipped it this time. Being the sweet tooth I managed to squeeze in rocky road semi-freddo and it was delish. Would definitely go back again with a smaller group so I could concentrate on the food more. A great night, lots of laughs.

Of course, Kate was subjected to handmade gifts 🙂 It’s great having newish friends you can foist handmade onto and they like it. Kate’s always appreciative and that’s also what makes making her stuff even more fun for me, it’s all about ME I tell you!


Seeing how Lucy got her own colourway from my favourite sock yarn people, Blue moon Fiberarts (site appears to be down, so I’ve linked you to the Fold), and they hadn’t been forthcoming yet with a Jasper colourway, I figured a Jasper colourway by Craftapalooza would have to do the trick. It’ll be interesting to see how this knits up. It’s knitpicks dye your own sock yarn, but not the superwash sock that they bought out JUST after I’d purchased mine, dammit. Dyed using food dyes, dry powder dyes. Jasper is predominately brown with white spots and a red collar, hence the red. Alison M was like "red?" and I’m like "no she’s not bloody, she has a red collar", had to be there I guess.


I also knitted Kate a Squarey from Jess Hutches knitted softie book. He’s very sweet, a little wonky in parts and more squarish than squarey, but lovable. Knit using lambs pride worsted for the main body and arms, a bit of kureyon and some anonymous grey marle wool yarn for the stripes.


Did the Father’s Day breakfast Sunday and then to recover from a family experience a couple of hours in a darkened cinema was required. I took myself off to see The Book of Revelation. I had read the book 4 years ago, Em had suggested it for a bookclub read, her first bookclub pick and also the first time she’d met bookclub LOL. I think the first sentence has the word pe*#s in it, half the group couldn’t read the book, but I found the concept fascinating. For those of you who don’t know, it’s definitely not a book about religion and it is directed by Ana Kokkinos (she also wrote the screen play), the same director that did Head On, that’ll give you some insight.

The movie was interesting, it had me fidgeting in my seat part the way through, couldn’t keep my attention. It does have an excellent Australian cast and Tom Long must have done some serious training to get the physique he has in the film, no budget for body doubles I would imagine. It was also great to see it filmed in Melbourne city. Lot’s of great memories, I lived in Melbourne for 3.5 years over 6 years ago and I still toy with thoughts of going back, it’s a gorgeous city to live in.

No new music for you today, a little birdie did tell me that he thinks The New Pornographers are coming to Australia later this year, I’m hoping Neko comes too! Newish to me blog, Modamuse, showcasing Australian and New Zealand artisans and crafters. Also exciting news Lisa’s store will be opening on 11 September.

Phew, got to the end, happy crafting and if you’re a kitty happy snoozing.


12 thoughts on “squareish squarey and jasper

  1. MissMeshell says:

    Oh woooowww, the yarn is absolutely beautiful! So, so yummy, the colours just spark together.
    *choking on her tea about the ‘darkened cinema experience being required…’* =P


  2. Lina says:

    The squarey is lovely! And your cat so sweet, that looks so comfy.
    It makes me want to go have a nap. But I can’t, not before I read the 50 pages on radical feminism. But after that it’s definetely bed time 🙂


  3. Nicole says:

    MissM – True – darkened cinema’s do wonders 😉
    Dacia, Sue – ta 🙂
    Lina – Heavy reading!
    Jennifer – I love yarn “cakes” too.
    Kate – WOOT!
    Lisa – LMAO, just as well I wasn’t drinking when I read this!


  4. di says:

    What a smorgasboard of a post! Tapas sounds like a fun night- I’m hanging out for new season fresh broad beans- yum! Great Jasper yarn, and do give Spud a pat from me 🙂


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