Well, hello there

Yeah, I’m here, in case y’all been wondering. The virus thing has a hold of me and I’ve been tired and a little uninspired. Yeah, yeah, I’m a poet. I’ve also been working on a petite’s shower gift, I’m WAY behind, but I have friends privileges so it’ll get there soon.

You might hear from me again this week, though probably not! I’m off with the IV’s this weekend for our bi-annual retreat before Emma gives birth to her 3rd (yes, you heard correctly), 3rd SON. Lord help her and us πŸ˜‰


I have one finished WIP. Fetchings from Summer 2006 knitty. Sweet little quick knit fix, 1 skein Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Very nice. Knit magic loop. All about the loop these days.

New to me blogs – Brooklyn Tweed, check out his photography! And Entwinements, a shibori blog. Also, Lisa’s posted some pictures of her exhibition work, loving it all and Mav’s guest blogging at DesignSponge guest blog this week.

Some of you mumbled in the comments from the last post that I can yabber on about falling a over t but don’t give the spew details….hey, I’m all for sharing and I have a doozie of a spew story. You really want to hear it though? I’m not sure we’re really ready for it at this time in our bloggysphere relationship. It could be a deal breaker, you could unsubscribe me from your bloglines. Really, you want to hear? Really! OK. Well, for those of you that are revolted by such stories, off you go, the rest of you sickos read on behind the cut. EDIT – Darn it, "behind the cut" doesn’t work in RSS feeds, you’re warned… πŸ™‚

Now you need to remember, I was about 22-23 years old, a little less
responsible than I am now. I also wasn’t a big drinker of booze. An ex
and I were relocating to Melbourne, so Al M and I decided that we
needed to go out for dinner to say goodbye and I already had it in my
head that I would be drinking ie getting drunk.

Let’s just say, I got drunk. Very drunk, so drunk I was obnoxiously
SMOKING A CIGAR at the bar we went to after our thai dinner, it was
thai I think. So drunk that I don’t remember the taxi ride home, or
coming in the front door.

Al and her hubby Wes were staying the night on our living room
floor, which was at the end of the hallway and visible from our bedroom
doorway. At some point I decided that I had to go to bed. I don’t
remember getting undressed, I do remember however waking up suddenly
and being violently ill, running from the room whilst being sick.

Yep, sick hit the wall, the carpet, the door, the cork floor at
which point with me flying through the door trying to get to the toilet
just outside out bedroom, I slip in my own vomit, naked and land on my
ass, nude and spewing on myself. I quickly flipped over onto my hands
and knees and crawled into the bathroom to finish up. I remember
hearing Al say "ooh" or something to that effect and then losing it in
fits of giggles.

The thing I next remember is coming out of the shower back to the
bedroom, feeling very sorry for myself, to discover my ex on his hands
and knees cleaning up sick with a towel and grinning at me. Yep, he had
to be pissed too, to be smiling. I wouldn’t have been smiling at him.
By now I’m doing the pathetic crying, drunk, I just want to die thing.

I was sick for the next 6-10 hours, apparently in the middle of the
night Wes said to Al "when is she going to stop". Let’s just say I
couldn’t drink for months after this incident. You want to know the
icing on the cake? Oooh yes, there’s icing. For over 5 years Al and Wes
very kindly led me to believe that Wes hadn’t seen me nude flying out
of the bedroom and slipping over, however I recently found out, yep, he
did. Oh the shame.

16 thoughts on “Well, hello there

  1. sarah says:

    hey nic where’s the tag for the story??? πŸ™‚
    i am also way behind on petite’s gift (i’m blaming my sick sewing machine…) hope the retreat is fab!


  2. helen says:

    Oh, I am wiping the tears away as I read this at my desk. What a SPECTACULAR spewing story! Love it.
    Also laughing with you – from somoneone who well and truly earned the nickname “Spewy Stewie” in her youth. Hmmm that sounds a bit gross written down. sorry if TMI!


  3. Miss Dot says:

    ROFL! oh sorry, so funny, even though I want to spew that STILL made me laugh, you poor poor thing, oh bad bad memories flooding back, red wine, too much red wine, couldn’t drink for months… sick for days. But seriously, thanks for sharing :-0


  4. Nicole says:

    So glad you’re all enjoying this, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go down, LOL. Yes Lisa, telling humiliating stories and laughing at myself are a favourite pasttime of mine πŸ˜‰
    Alison – NO way – I’m going to be fun Auntie Nicole, not drunken naked Auntie Nicole!
    Kath – BRING IT!


  5. Suse says:

    Ooh er, NAKED spewing. Bonus points.
    On a less visceral topic, I’m glad to hear the Fetchings were a quick sweet knit. I’m about to knit two pairs for an order. If you’re in a wrist warmer mood, I’ve also just knitted three pairs of Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers – pics on my blog – and they’re quick and fun too.


  6. Ailsa says:

    Spewing on oneself in the nude in front of houseguests. Love your work – top banana. So much, in fact, am inspired to disclose my own embarrassing story – blindly drunk in restaurant, quick sick up in loo, tottered back to table with skirt stuck in pantyhose and nanna knickers on display – all in a Terence Conran London restaurant with senior work colleagues. How tres tres chic darling!


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