You’re back! The last post didn’t completely terrify or disgust you. Phew πŸ˜‰

As you’re reading this I’m knitting by the sea hanging with my knitting posse. Kicking back,
watching EZ knitting DVD’s, eating yummy food and having general all round fun.


It’s become a bit of a tradition for Emma to give us pressies at these retreats. We don’t expect it, well we try not to expect it, and we’re all very appreciative. This time us IV’s decided to surprise Em. We bought one of Auntie Cookie’s illustrations. They’re very cool and this one came with a piece of matching fabric so we could use it when framing. I’m happy with the way this has turned out. Hopefully Em will love it.

I also decided to give the IV’s a little treat and it also gave me an excuse to make tissue holders, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. If enough of  you comment letting me know you’d like a tutorial for my version of the tissue holder you’ll be granted your wish! I’ll also give away a tissue holder to the most entertaining spew or overindulging story posted as a comment, yep, you have to publicy humiliate yourselves as well. If you want to see bigger pics of the holders, off you go.

Florence Broadhurst print, all lined with cream linen

Vintage fabric from Katey, part of my back-tack3

Amy Butler

Part of tea towel I used for a little bird’s BT3

Finally, here’s a sneak peak at part of something going to a Petite bebe…still got a little more sewing to do. Have a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “ah-chew!

  1. MissMeshell says:

    Oh I’ve not seen an Auntie Cookie piece with it’s extra bit of fabric before, it’s making me crave one even more! =)
    The tissue holders and beautiful, they definitely caught my eye on flickr!


  2. li li says:

    Love the tissue holder using Florence Broadhurst print! Brown plus polka dot ribbon plus button equals fantastic! Yay!!! πŸ˜€ And a tutorial? Must must, please!


  3. Jo says:

    I’d love a tutorial, just to see how you do it ????
    I’ve noticed there are no spew stories? Is that because no-one can compare to your’s? Well, have I got a beauty for you. It all started late on a Friday night when I’d drunk far, far too much champagne. Oh hang on, is that the phone? Gotta go, bye!


  4. ampersandduck says:

    Ok, I’ll play.
    Once upon a time I broke up with my boyfriend, and his best friend decided that since I’d been road-tested, I’d be worthy of him (this happens in many close-knit groups apparently). So soon after we all had a party, outdoors at a nice park, around a fire, and drank a lot of alcohol. When I’d had enough, I decided to go home and rang a taxi.
    This man walked me the short way to the taxi but just as it was driving up said to me (in front of a mob of his mates): don’t go, I think you’re a bit of alright, how about staying here wth me and I’ll root you senseless (noice, eh).
    I looked deep into his eyes, opened my mouth to speak, and vomited copiously all over his shoes. Then turned and got into the taxi.
    Apparently there was applause from the women at the party as I drove off, but I was too ill to notice.
    [takes a bow]


  5. kodachrome says:

    I would certainly appreciate a tutorial on your beautiful tissue holders. I’ve already snagged some fabrics from the thrift store with this purpose in mind.
    And now to go from your beautiful, tasteful tissue holders to the not-so-beautiful, grotesque spewing story in order to disturb you and embarrass me (please don’t keep reading if you are easily made queasy).
    A friend of mine, back in Grade 12, hosted a New Year’s Eve Party at her parents’ house. She and I started (stupidly) drinking early as we decorated the house and prepared snacks. Even more stupidly (we were seventeen), we were drinking straight vodka (for no apparent reason, just, to repeat again, to be stupid and to get drunk [geez, do you think drinking straight vodka will do it???!!). Lo’ and behold, by 10 pm, I found myself in the upstairs bathroom, throwing up in the sink. A friend, trying to be supportive during this disgusting moment, somehow noticed that my contact lens popped out into the puke (honestly, this is a true story!). After notifying me of this situation, this friend then, much to her horror, watched as I scooped up the contact lens from the sea of puke, and popped it right back into my eye. That’s right, folks…with *no* rinsing of the contact lens. From puke to eye. UGH. The horror of it. This apparently is what vodka can do to a young, senseless girl… Be forewarned!
    PS: I often come over and visit from Jane’s blog, Yarnstorm. I can’t believe that the first time I delurk on this blog, it’s to tell one of my most disgusting stories. What’s wrong with me??!?!?


  6. Linda says:

    I hate the feeling of “here comes the vomit”. Your stomach is gurgling and cramping. There is a feeling of spew in your throat threating to come up while you are breathing through your mouth. Plus, one is sitting on the floor next to the toilet or the garbage can is near you. Next, the spew is moving and moving. You try to calm the breathing. No matter what you do, you can not stop that spew – it comes with avenage. Your mouth opens and your throat almost chokes as the spew goes out. Then you sit there awhile and wait – is there more? Oh no!! yes more! You hate that feeling of almost drowning in your own spew but when it is over you are so glad to have it over. One looks at the spew – it is a mixture of food particles with is that yellow or brown or green fluid. Plus there is the smell – what is it exactly can you tell?? OH, that awful taste in your – rinse it out please your body says. Plus, how about you on the toilet ummm with the diarhea and spewing. So, now your body smells like you need a really good bath – but do you dare. OOOHHHHHH Please let me go back to normal your body wines. Untop of this you just got home from work where you just spent 8 hours seeing other people spewing with the different textures and smell. Is that too much or what?


  7. Kate says:

    I don’t puke from over-indulging, so I don’t have any stories about that. But I do have plenty of ‘stupid things I have done whilst drunk’ stories, but maybe that’s best left for another day.


  8. Nicole says:

    Wow, there’s some impressive spew stories in here! Lol. I think Duckie and Kodak have “won” it hands down. I’ll be in contact. Tutorial coming right up peeps, thanks for showing interest.x


  9. worldpeace_and_aspeedboat says:

    oooh, I’ve just arrived here from Ducky’s blog, is it too late to share the spew around one more time? as they say, a spew shared is a spew halved. or… something like that.
    I’ve only thrown up from too much alcohol twice. true! but the first was a doozy.
    it was about 1990. a friend, P, and I, was going to a dance party at the Hordern for NYE. before walking there from another friend’s house nearby, we chug a bottle of vodka.
    we get to the Hordern just before midnight – it’s a crush to get in, and they’ve only got one gate open. we’re literally swept off our feet in the crush and carried through the gates into the grounds.
    hot, sweaty, smelly, panicky crush.
    on the other side, we find the rest of the gang not far off. we’re so hot! and shaky. P takes his jacket (a tres Retro dinner jacket from the 50’s) and lays it on the ground, fanning himself.
    I puke on the jacket. all over. everywhere. covered.
    so then I take myself off to the nearest bushes (a bank of monsterio deliciosa in front of the Hordern) and fall asleep.
    hours later, I wake up just in time to see the headlining act, Grace Jones having it away with a black leather office chair on stage. and as I drag myself out of the monsterio… I find myself amongst a bunch of people I went to school with, and haven’t seen since 1986.
    yay me!
    it took another 13 years to get that drunk again.


  10. carol says:

    oh, lovely, lovely. i’ve made a few tishy holders myself, but none so nice as yours. i especially like the brown print…looks like fans but also reminds me of mushrooms…


  11. Marianne says:

    Please post the tutorial! I’d love to know how to make these. They are beautiful!
    I can’t outdo these stories, so I won’t even try.!!!


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