Lifting the tone…

Well a little. Thank you to those brave enough to share your indulging stories and for the tutorial request. Ask and it’s yours. Following is how I do this, there are other ways and some of you may read this tutorial and snort to yourselves and mutter under your breath "THAT’s not how you make tissue holders"….well it’s how I make them πŸ™‚ so far no complaints.

I decided Ducky and Kodak will receive a tissue holder. Both great stories, but Kodak’s contact lens story is a doozy.

My technique is the "Lazy Ass Bastard" method, or LABβ„’ for short.

First up, I’m all about templates for patterns, especially small crafty projects that I’ll make more than once. I love adhering patterns to strawboard, makes it so much easier to place your pattern onto the fabric, trace with your chalk and then cut out.

So, for my version of the tissue holder, I’ve cut a template that’s 6 inches x 7 inches. Why inches you Aussies ask? My cutting matt and quilt ruler work inches so it’s just easier to go with inches.


Pick your outer fabric, trace and cut out slightly larger than the template. I also like to use a midweight fabric, just a personal preference. I also like to make more than one at a time, it’s quicker.

Next up, I usually line my holders with a 100% linen in a cream colour. Don’t cut your lining just yet, grab yourself some double-sided fusible interfacing, place your outer fabric pieces onto this and iron them in place. Let the fabric cool and then place these outer pieces onto your inner lining fabric. Iron away. Make sure you iron the edges well.


Now, grab your template, pinking shears or your rotary blade and cut out the 6" x 7".


Next up, add some trim to the 6" long edges. Be creative. Or don’t add any trim at all, up to you. You can at this point place your trim so it hides the pinking shear edge, if you have pinking sheared. You don’t necessarily have to use pinking shears as the fabric is fused it shouldn’t fray too much, maybe a little at the beginning.



Find the centre point on the 7inch edge and mark on the inside with chalk. Then fold in your 6inch edges to meet this point and pin in place.


Sew across the short edges. I like to oversew the opening to strengthen the stitching.


Trim any excess fabric from the seams and cut your corners at diagonals.


I use the brand pictured below for stuffing the holders.


Turn out the tissue holder and push out the corners.



Voila. Completed holder. Easy peasy. Some more finished holders here.

I’ve cross-posted this tutorial over at whipup.

The IV’s retreat? Went something like this, eat > talk > knit > talk knit > read knitting books by EZ > movie > eat more > talk > take photo’s of someone napping > knit > movie > knit > nap > take more unflattering photo’s of the nap > eat > knit > massage > eat talk > nap > knit > movie > talk > knit.

Finally, for your viewing amusement via Flickr blog, cats who lounge. Classic!

For you Mac users, signup to encourage Apple to create greener Macs!

Long weekend here in sunny WA, lots of sewing to do, must finish Petite 6.5’s shower gift especially since she’s due any day now. I’m also due a new handbag but have been thinking and procrastinating over it. Anyhow, have a great weekend!

18 thoughts on “Lifting the tone…

  1. Kate says:

    No, the LAB method actually involves being like me, and not making holders for your tissues. But if I did, I would make them like this.


  2. Kate says:

    Thanks – great tutorial – had the tissues packs sitting on the sewing desk for a few months waiting for their holders – might be something to do on Sat while everyone else here watches footy.


  3. Gwyn says:

    Hi – I have recently stumbled upon your blog and love your work. Thanks for the tutorial – I think my Mum would like one of these for xmas!


  4. Eloisa says:

    Hi hi!
    Been reading you blog for awhile now but haven’t had much time since I got to the US.
    I’ve been wanting to make a tissue holder as well so thank you for the easy peasy tutorial!
    If I do use pleather though for the outer part, is it still doable for the sewing machine? πŸ™‚
    Thanks again!


  5. kodachrome says:

    Wow, I’m so honoured! Who knew such a grotesque story of contact lenses and vomit (and never the two shall meet again) would result in such beauty from Craftapalooza! Ah….vomit stories….connecting people around the world since 1932…
    Seriously, thanks so much, and thank you for the great tutorial. I’m going to make one of these tonight for a friend’s birthday (which is tomorrow! what timing!)
    Merci Beaucoup!


  6. Janine Wright says:

    It is a HIGH compliment that I completely followed the tutorial (you MUST be good)…only had to scroll back once….it makes me THINK I could do it. And thanks for the cats that lounge. I have seen most of those lounging variations from observing just one expert-lounger cat.


  7. edwina says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. These little babies have been on my mind to make for a while. I am so happy my LAB-like mind will not have to work it out for myself! Look out friends and family this is what you are getting for Christmas!


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    Hi, Amy~
    Trying to find the source for fabric shown in YOGA JOURNAL, Dec 2006; for the yoga mat carrier. A friend’s daughter fell in love with it. Can you help??
    Barb C.


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