clover…crack for crafters

I don’t think I’ve ever done this in the 2 year’s of this blog. But…I need something. Yes NEED, WANT, must have it need.

You seen this!?! Clover’s bringing out a yo-yo tool….I’ve googled and searched and cannot find anywhere to buy it yet…So I’m putting out a call. Anyone reading this want to do a clover whore a favour? Email me or comment and we’ll work out a deal. Happy to swap, shop, sell my first born…did I say that out loud, in return. There’s also some cool Clover projects here.

Crafting, what’s crafting? This weekend, no crafting as such. A delish dinner with "my friend Gayle" Friday night and then witch hat making for a party she was going to on Saturday. Saturday I ran around like a mad lady shopping and Sat night went to the Pride parade and after party. Fun, tired though. Got home at 4am, sober you’ll be pleased to know. But lots of dancing and chatting and I spent about an hour at one point on a sofa watching people trip up some stairs wishing I had a video camera. I love the way after someone’s tripped (noone was hurt, I’m not THAT big a cow) they looked back in annoyance at the stairs.

I did manage to see a movie yesterday, Wordplay. Just gorgeous. Thoroughly enjoyable. I love the geeky behaviour that passion brings out in people. Love it! Please see it, you’ll be charmed and want to start doing "The New York Times" puzzles. Link to the Times crossword page.

This week I have a ticket to see Andrew Denton’s documentary "God on my Side". It’s a Talking Picture event, which means Andrew will be there to introduce the film and answer questions afterwards, looking forward to it. I had an hilarious moment when picking up my ticket today. I’d given my name and details to collect my ticket and the woman serving me hands over my envelope with this apologetic look and says "ummm, one ticket?". I’m like, umm yes thinking to myself and laughing on the inside, is it ok to come to the movie by myself? Classic. I say yes just the one and she looks so relieved. Funny.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and speak to you soon!

cinnamon and monkeys

Yep a really original title.

Busy in the non-Craftapalooza world at the moment. In the Craftapalooza world lots of projects in my head just need to find the time to finish WIP’s and start the new brew. I’ve booked in for a class to sew a Moroccan foot stool….pics to come in the next few weeks.

On request here’s the cinnamon chicken recipe, I didn’t end up making it, but definitely will one day.

Delicious magazine, October 2006, recipe by Valli Little. If you click on the pic you’ll get the larger version for printing.


I was doing some research for a Clover tool I want and came across this free wall pocket pattern. I will be making some magazine holders for a friends toilets and might use this as a base.


I have recently been charmed by a book Sock Monkey Dreams, documenting the daily life at the red heel monkey shelter. Whilst there aren’t any patterns there is a tonne of inspiration and tips and is quite funny. Very sweet book. ISBN 0670038083.

Well, have a great weekend everyone!

Well, hello there!

See little Pia Lola’s here! How sweet is she, she’s too cute, just wish I was in Syd so I could give her a squeeze and a sniff (shut up, who DOESN’T sniff baby’s heads??). Congrats to Al and the fam, keep that ice coming…

Also, I’ve turned on comment verification, I was receiving annoying spam comments. So after you’ve commented you’ll need to do the 2nd phase of filling in a code. Sorry, painful I know, but an evil necessity.


Craftywise, a little scattered this week. IV’s earlier in the week and I was gifted some gorgeous Noro Silver Thaw for my birthday. A divine yarn to knit with, love the ply, it’s really light and a joy to knit.


Have you seen Cake + Pie and Freshly Blended’s Christmas Ornament swap? I signed up, even started brewing some ideas this weekend. Since I’ve been so tardy with Moki’s swap (ok, I admit it, I’m having performance anxiety and have struggled with the technique, but I’m getting there), I’m determined that this swap will arrive on time. Sorry to the Moki swappers, it’s coming!

Socks….I’m stalled this week on the socks, the Silver Thaw distracted me and I’ve also been daydreaming all week about getting in some STR heavyweight or Sweet Georgia speed demon for a quicker sock knit. I know….cheating, but is it, something appealing about knitting on 3.25mm needles as opposed to 2mm!


Umm what else. Well, today’s Sunday, I’ve gotten up had mango and strawberries with natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of muesli, cup of tea, water, watched Gilmore Girls on DVD whilst playing with my ornament idea. I also have been working on a gift for a friend’s upcoming 40th, yes I have OLD friends 😉 So I can’t really blog it yet, but you’ll see. It’s 3pm and I’m still in my PJ’s. I’ve got a friend over for dinner, so off to the market. I’m thinking cinnamon chicken with a bean salad and I might whip up some beetroot relish. Love beetroot.

Have a great weekend, what’s left of it!

take this Halloween costume and shove it.

Post birthday "blues" here this week. Where did everyone go. More presents? I bought myself some birthday shoes. Cute!


Quiet week. Little crafting, chugging away at the socks. I thought I was beat by the short row heels, but then I had a talk to myself and sat down in a quiet place, READ Jolene’s instructions through to the end and had a moment of clarity. Maybe my subconscious wanted me to rip out the heels several times on each foot?? Really. Talk about banging my head against the short rows. Finally, I got it. They’re not as pretty as others I’ve seen, but there are NO holes. Relief.


Other than that, quiet weekend ahead. Hanging out with Al M tonight, watching Project Runway. Knitting, maybe some sewing, probably a movie and some exercise might be good as well. I’m also overdue for Moki’s fabric stamp swap…so that’ll be on the cards. I’ve received a couple already and they’re excellent. The Kismet’s is excellent and look at her tutorial! Cool.

Halloween seems to be on a lot of blogger’s minds. It’s never really been a big Australian holiday, but it seems to be gathering momentum over the years. I’m noticing more and more merchandise in stores. I guess if you have little peeps you might be into it. So as you know I just have a furry kid and he seemed keen to dress as a ghost. Well, I thought that’s what he was saying….

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petite 6.5….uses the force

I’m an idiot, I forgot to tell you in the last post, HUGE was AMAZING. Just damn amazing. He’s a singing, dancing, charming machine. Just awesome. I had goosebumps for almost half the show. The dude can sing.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had one of the nicest birthday’s I can remember. Lots of lovely friends, lots of laughs, spoilt rotten and yummy food.

I took myself off Saturday night to see Little Miss Sunshine, as of now it is my favourite film for 2006. A gorgeous, funny, lovely film and excellent soundtrack.

Petite’s mummy received her shower pressie, PHEW Petite hasn’t arrived, got in just in time. Seems Petite’s having her own party inutero and doesn’t want to join the realy world.

So….some details:

Fabric: Dress – Michael Miller "Fusion Profusion", shorts – stretch denim, yoyo on shorts – Michael Miller "Stitch Loops".

Pattern: Simplicity easy-to-sew 4243, with some minor modifications from me.


Baby Yoda Sweater, by Cari.
3 balls Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in "Aubergine".
I made some slight alterations to the pattern which include: moss stitches on cuffs, double crochet on flaps and wooden beads (beads from Scablight for you Aussies) as closures.



In answer to Alison and Kate’s comments in the last post about the pink "nipple", well, let’s just say that was my first shibori attempt……it looks like a flat cows udder and is now part of Spud’s "next to me on the computer" chair. So imagine it without the cat fur. Everyone that sees this little beauty in the flesh giggles. I’ll photograph it for your entertainment another time 🙂

I’ll leave you with a link to a couple of friends new skate/surfer label, Rough Diamond Clothing. Quality stuff, and I’m enjoying covers of a couple of songs at the moment. Two in particular. Higher Ground from "Gilles Peterson Digs America" and Little Birdy’s cover of "Six Months in a Leaky Boat".

Have a great week!

6.5 petite kicked my butt

There was weekend crafting, not as much as I’d hoped, but there was knitting and sewing and napping and hanging out with friends and fabric rubbing and ooohing and aaahing (yes, I’m a fabric rubber) and chai tea and Calamity Jane and sitting in the sunshine. All in all, a great long weekend.

Well, I’m only nearly a MONTH late with my petite 6.5 giftie. Slack I know. Pia’s STILL not appearing, it appears she’s a little shy.

Let’s just say that there were some sewing challenges for this little duck. We were almost licked but think we’ve managed to save ourselves….just. I can’t show you yet, but here’s a few peaks. The knitting, easy peasy. No probs there.




I’ll give you all some more detail once petite’s mummy has actually received these in her hot little hands.

Recently petite’s mummy emailed to say Prints Charming were having a sale and did I want her to pick up some fabric for me? Umm YES. So I gave Al a pretty tight budget 🙂 and of course she exceeded my expectations. I said ooh about 5 fat 1/4’s, she came back with 8 fat 1/4’s AND a pouch. The pouch couldn’t have come at a better time, I was just about to sew a pouch for my Addi’s.



AND, wait there’s more. I got the WHOLE steak knife set. She also sent along other goodies she’d been collecting for me for my birthday, yep the big 35 this Friday. Exquisitely wrapped, I received it at work and I’m useless….so over the space of negotiating with myself for an hour everything was opened. Pathetic. Thanks Al, you had me grinning at my desk.

Tea, look at the itty bitty fan brooch, the letterpress CUPCAKE card and the kitty packaging!

Elephant clips!!!!

AND some divine Echino fabric. Yay, I got a spider 🙂

AND just to show some knitting progress. Using one of Amelia’s patterns gifted to me by Miss Kate gifted to me. Toe up, magic loop using Lorna’s Bittersweet, I frogged the Elfine’s, guage was way off. I had a totally horrid experience with the heels of these socks for some reason. I kept making the same mistake over and over again. I frogged the friggin heel 4 times!!! I’ve now moved on to the second heel even though I’m not 100% satisfied with my result. Interestingly too Amelia’s patterns don’t have a gusset. Took me a while to figure this out, I thought something had dropped off when I printed out the pattern, but nope, no gusset. It’ll be interesting to see how they wear.


Ooh and Laurie,
GUESS WHAT. Magazine swap arrived!!!! Yay. Love it all, thank you. Your
robot transfers are super sweeet. Think at least one will have to go on
a tee for me!


You still here?! Well done. For that you get a Spud picture, taken whilst he was supervising me last night taking these photo’s. He’d tap my shoulder or occassionally bite it to let me know, that hey, he was here. You can see THAT look on his face can’t you, you cat owners know the look. After this moment I found one of his toy mice that he’s continually losing under the book shelves and watched him have a funny half hour. Funny.