6.5 petite kicked my butt

There was weekend crafting, not as much as I’d hoped, but there was knitting and sewing and napping and hanging out with friends and fabric rubbing and ooohing and aaahing (yes, I’m a fabric rubber) and chai tea and Calamity Jane and sitting in the sunshine. All in all, a great long weekend.

Well, I’m only nearly a MONTH late with my petite 6.5 giftie. Slack I know. Pia’s STILL not appearing, it appears she’s a little shy.

Let’s just say that there were some sewing challenges for this little duck. We were almost licked but think we’ve managed to save ourselves….just. I can’t show you yet, but here’s a few peaks. The knitting, easy peasy. No probs there.




I’ll give you all some more detail once petite’s mummy has actually received these in her hot little hands.

Recently petite’s mummy emailed to say Prints Charming were having a sale and did I want her to pick up some fabric for me? Umm YES. So I gave Al a pretty tight budget 🙂 and of course she exceeded my expectations. I said ooh about 5 fat 1/4’s, she came back with 8 fat 1/4’s AND a pouch. The pouch couldn’t have come at a better time, I was just about to sew a pouch for my Addi’s.



AND, wait there’s more. I got the WHOLE steak knife set. She also sent along other goodies she’d been collecting for me for my birthday, yep the big 35 this Friday. Exquisitely wrapped, I received it at work and I’m useless….so over the space of negotiating with myself for an hour everything was opened. Pathetic. Thanks Al, you had me grinning at my desk.

Tea, look at the itty bitty fan brooch, the letterpress CUPCAKE card and the kitty packaging!

Elephant clips!!!!

AND some divine Echino fabric. Yay, I got a spider 🙂

AND just to show some knitting progress. Using one of Amelia’s patterns gifted to me by Miss Kate gifted to me. Toe up, magic loop using Lorna’s Bittersweet, I frogged the Elfine’s, guage was way off. I had a totally horrid experience with the heels of these socks for some reason. I kept making the same mistake over and over again. I frogged the friggin heel 4 times!!! I’ve now moved on to the second heel even though I’m not 100% satisfied with my result. Interestingly too Amelia’s patterns don’t have a gusset. Took me a while to figure this out, I thought something had dropped off when I printed out the pattern, but nope, no gusset. It’ll be interesting to see how they wear.


Ooh and Laurie,
GUESS WHAT. Magazine swap arrived!!!! Yay. Love it all, thank you. Your
robot transfers are super sweeet. Think at least one will have to go on
a tee for me!


You still here?! Well done. For that you get a Spud picture, taken whilst he was supervising me last night taking these photo’s. He’d tap my shoulder or occassionally bite it to let me know, that hey, he was here. You can see THAT look on his face can’t you, you cat owners know the look. After this moment I found one of his toy mice that he’s continually losing under the book shelves and watched him have a funny half hour. Funny.


19 thoughts on “6.5 petite kicked my butt

  1. Alison says:

    Nic – I fear there is something terribly disturbing to me in the first photo. Did you knit a nipple and felt a boob???????????????????????????????????
    Love shopping for you :)) Anytime my dear, just ask away!!


  2. nika says:

    what a beautiful collection of fabrics–everything is adorable (spud too). and for some strange reason, i suddenly want to move to australia.


  3. Jo says:

    You’ve cleaned up in the giving and receiving stakes! Well done. Can’t wait to see your petite gifts, you clever person, you.


  4. kath says:

    It’s Friday, October 6th….HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hmm, the big 35 – let us know what it’s like on the other side. (I’m approaching this same milestone in January)Hope you have a great weekend celebrating, and receive yet more beautiful gifts. Wonder what spud will give you?


  5. kodachrome says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Hip, hip, hoorah! For she’s a jolly good….etc!
    And thanks again for the tissue holder tutorial. I tried to make one last night, and I have come into an even deeper level of appreciation for those who sew…and who do sew so well (tricky to say/write!). Your instructions were handy, but MAN I had a hard time with it (because of my lack of skills/knowledge, and NOT because of your tutorial). So your tissue holders have now inspired me to practice sewing: I’ll start with one little project each month!


  6. laurie says:

    a belated happy birthday and a big hooray for that package finally arriving! i’d given up on the silly thing and was about to tell you that i was going to put together a new one. a happy day indeed! 🙂


  7. hannah says:

    happy birthday! your shoes are so lovely, that i had to come see all the other goodies! could you email me some details on that little jumper you made? i have visions of a similar one for my daughter, but not that petite of course!


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