take this Halloween costume and shove it.

Post birthday "blues" here this week. Where did everyone go. More presents? I bought myself some birthday shoes. Cute!


Quiet week. Little crafting, chugging away at the socks. I thought I was beat by the short row heels, but then I had a talk to myself and sat down in a quiet place, READ Jolene’s instructions through to the end and had a moment of clarity. Maybe my subconscious wanted me to rip out the heels several times on each foot?? Really. Talk about banging my head against the short rows. Finally, I got it. They’re not as pretty as others I’ve seen, but there are NO holes. Relief.


Other than that, quiet weekend ahead. Hanging out with Al M tonight, watching Project Runway. Knitting, maybe some sewing, probably a movie and some exercise might be good as well. I’m also overdue for Moki’s fabric stamp swap…so that’ll be on the cards. I’ve received a couple already and they’re excellent. The Kismet’s is excellent and look at her tutorial! Cool.

Halloween seems to be on a lot of blogger’s minds. It’s never really been a big Australian holiday, but it seems to be gathering momentum over the years. I’m noticing more and more merchandise in stores. I guess if you have little peeps you might be into it. So as you know I just have a furry kid and he seemed keen to dress as a ghost. Well, I thought that’s what he was saying….

Look, I love tissue paper, but WEARING it, I don’t think so.Halloween_spud_ppppfft_ghost_costume

This is NOT funny anymore, please remove the tissue.

What, you wanna up close picture?!

Yeah, ok laugh at the cat.

Ha! Who’s laughing now?


No kitties were harmed in the trying on of the ghost costume.

17 thoughts on “take this Halloween costume and shove it.

  1. kodachrome says:

    How sweet are those shoes?!
    And what a great (& appropriate) name for them, too.
    On a side note: my sister moved to Australia a few years ago, and was surprised to find out that Halloween wasn’t such a big deal. Determined, however, she organized her boys and the neighborhood kids to go out trick-or-treating, and had forewarned all of the neighborhood parents to be ready with treats. She found it to be too much work, though, in the end–
    Lastly, thanks for stopping by my blog, and again, thanks for your tissue-holder tutorial. I’m on to my third one now, and am planning on giving them as stocking-stuffers this xmas.


  2. Miss Dot says:

    My max is dressing up for H as a pissed off angry cat with abandonment issues… hmmmm. Love the shoes BTW, comfy AND cute! what more could you want. Happy Belated BDay BTW, I must have missed that post? big wet nose lick from Miss Minnie!


  3. Elizabeth K says:

    Those shoes are too cute. I wonder if I can get them in the US?
    I totally understand the birthday blues. It’s been two weeks but I still want to have people be nice to me and give me cake.


  4. Dacia says:

    How did you feel about the finale of PR last night? I thought both of the girls did a better job than Daniel, but I could be biased because I thought he was a total jerk and wanted him to lose!


  5. Nicole says:

    Yay! I was looking for a short row tutorial! Hopefully my next attempt goes better than the first – your’s looks so much better than mine (see my blog for an illustration).


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