Well, hello there!

See little Pia Lola’s here! How sweet is she, she’s too cute, just wish I was in Syd so I could give her a squeeze and a sniff (shut up, who DOESN’T sniff baby’s heads??). Congrats to Al and the fam, keep that ice coming…

Also, I’ve turned on comment verification, I was receiving annoying spam comments. So after you’ve commented you’ll need to do the 2nd phase of filling in a code. Sorry, painful I know, but an evil necessity.


Craftywise, a little scattered this week. IV’s earlier in the week and I was gifted some gorgeous Noro Silver Thaw for my birthday. A divine yarn to knit with, love the ply, it’s really light and a joy to knit.


Have you seen Cake + Pie and Freshly Blended’s Christmas Ornament swap? I signed up, even started brewing some ideas this weekend. Since I’ve been so tardy with Moki’s swap (ok, I admit it, I’m having performance anxiety and have struggled with the technique, but I’m getting there), I’m determined that this swap will arrive on time. Sorry to the Moki swappers, it’s coming!

Socks….I’m stalled this week on the socks, the Silver Thaw distracted me and I’ve also been daydreaming all week about getting in some STR heavyweight or Sweet Georgia speed demon for a quicker sock knit. I know….cheating, but is it, something appealing about knitting on 3.25mm needles as opposed to 2mm!


Umm what else. Well, today’s Sunday, I’ve gotten up had mango and strawberries with natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of muesli, cup of tea, water, watched Gilmore Girls on DVD whilst playing with my ornament idea. I also have been working on a gift for a friend’s upcoming 40th, yes I have OLD friends šŸ˜‰ So I can’t really blog it yet, but you’ll see. It’s 3pm and I’m still in my PJ’s. I’ve got a friend over for dinner, so off to the market. I’m thinking cinnamon chicken with a bean salad and I might whip up some beetroot relish. Love beetroot.

Have a great weekend, what’s left of it!

9 thoughts on “Well, hello there!

  1. boogaj says:

    Wait, you’re talking about knitting and such, but showing pics of all these wonderful yo-yo’s — what are they for? Or are you just yo-yo crazy? (I made my first yo-yo and have fallen in love — I’m contemplating an entire quilt — I think I’m nuts!)


  2. Miss Dot says:

    I haven’t tried yoyos yet but saw an amazing necklace collar thing made out of tiny ones that inspired me to try. I might need you to show me how.. give me a week. 3pm in your PJ’s!!!!!!!!!!! hahah no comment. It was that kinda day today hey? glad you had a good one.


  3. Janine Wright says:

    What is the silver thaw being made into….its looks very lovely.
    Cinnamon chicken sounds really logical to me! I have a great recipe for Cinnamon and Cardomon chicken cous cous Soup….remind me to share one day


  4. suse says:

    Can you share the cinnamon chicken recipe? I have an old one off the internet (from the days when it was known as The Information SuperHighway – remember that?) (yes I am old), but it’s horrid. It makes the house smell divine but the taste is unfortunate.


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