cinnamon and monkeys

Yep a really original title.

Busy in the non-Craftapalooza world at the moment. In the Craftapalooza world lots of projects in my head just need to find the time to finish WIP’s and start the new brew. I’ve booked in for a class to sew a Moroccan foot stool….pics to come in the next few weeks.

On request here’s the cinnamon chicken recipe, I didn’t end up making it, but definitely will one day.

Delicious magazine, October 2006, recipe by Valli Little. If you click on the pic you’ll get the larger version for printing.


I was doing some research for a Clover tool I want and came across this free wall pocket pattern. I will be making some magazine holders for a friends toilets and might use this as a base.


I have recently been charmed by a book Sock Monkey Dreams, documenting the daily life at the red heel monkey shelter. Whilst there aren’t any patterns there is a tonne of inspiration and tips and is quite funny. Very sweet book. ISBN 0670038083.

Well, have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “cinnamon and monkeys

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi there –
    I adore your blog, but did you know that you’re infringing on copyright by posting that recipe and encouraging other people to print it out?
    Recipes, just like text of any kind, are protected by copyright.
    Bloggers get up in arms (and rightfully so!) when people use their photos and/or text on other web sites – so please do consider showing the same respect on your site.
    I’m a magazine journalist and my work gets lifted and posted all over the Web. It’s gotten so bad that I no longer post text of my features in my online portfolio.
    It’s very frustrating as words are our livelihood – using them without our permission limits the way we can run our business.
    Plus, of course, it’s illegal. 😉
    Please don’t do it!
    Best regards,


  2. Jennifer says:

    If you get permission from the publisher, that’s another story entirely. The point is that you can’t do it without permission. It’s infringement if you don’t ask.
    Exposure to an audience isn’t really the point. Nor is the idea that you’re not taking credit for the recipe.
    I’ve had to get permission to use recipes to run alongside my health features – for stories published in magazines that reach millions of readers in the US and the UK.
    Most likely they won’t mind a bit – if you ask.
    In any case, here’s the copyright language from their web site – I’d imagine the language that covers their print content is similar.
    >>Except where it is otherwise noted, all of the writing, imagery, concepts, design and layout contained within the delicious. website is copyright of delicious. magazine and those with whom the magazine is contracted. You may retrieve and display the material on a computer screen, print a single copy of individual pages or download material onto your computer for your personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use is prohibited without prior written permission from delicious. magazine.
    Again, my point was simply that you need permission if you’re going to use it in ways outside of your own personal use.


  3. Nicole says:

    Ok, last I’m going to say on this. I’d edited my comment as I got home late a little pissed, read Jennifer’s comment, got my back up, felt stupid for posting the recipe and commented and then decided to soften my comment and now, well if you’re reading this, maybe you have something better to do??? *Cough* I’m now stuck with leave all this and the comments or pull the recipe. Aaah the joy. I’ll leave it. I’ve written to teh publisher and I understand the black and whiteness of the law but am curious to get the publishers opinion. BLahhhh


  4. laura says:

    i am very thankful for the recipe excerpt. mostly because i am gluten free and it is very thrilling to see those words prominently included in a respected magazine. recipes from major publications and television programs are posted on the internet constantly; the recipe is nearly always accompanied by the author’s name. i realize that delicious does not post the recipes on their site. i would subscribe in a heartbeat…if they did. perhaps the error is theirs…in not including the recipe creator’s name.


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