clover…crack for crafters

I don’t think I’ve ever done this in the 2 year’s of this blog. But…I need something. Yes NEED, WANT, must have it need.

You seen this!?! Clover’s bringing out a yo-yo tool….I’ve googled and searched and cannot find anywhere to buy it yet…So I’m putting out a call. Anyone reading this want to do a clover whore a favour? Email me or comment and we’ll work out a deal. Happy to swap, shop, sell my first born…did I say that out loud, in return. There’s also some cool Clover projects here.

Crafting, what’s crafting? This weekend, no crafting as such. A delish dinner with "my friend Gayle" Friday night and then witch hat making for a party she was going to on Saturday. Saturday I ran around like a mad lady shopping and Sat night went to the Pride parade and after party. Fun, tired though. Got home at 4am, sober you’ll be pleased to know. But lots of dancing and chatting and I spent about an hour at one point on a sofa watching people trip up some stairs wishing I had a video camera. I love the way after someone’s tripped (noone was hurt, I’m not THAT big a cow) they looked back in annoyance at the stairs.

I did manage to see a movie yesterday, Wordplay. Just gorgeous. Thoroughly enjoyable. I love the geeky behaviour that passion brings out in people. Love it! Please see it, you’ll be charmed and want to start doing "The New York Times" puzzles. Link to the Times crossword page.

This week I have a ticket to see Andrew Denton’s documentary "God on my Side". It’s a Talking Picture event, which means Andrew will be there to introduce the film and answer questions afterwards, looking forward to it. I had an hilarious moment when picking up my ticket today. I’d given my name and details to collect my ticket and the woman serving me hands over my envelope with this apologetic look and says "ummm, one ticket?". I’m like, umm yes thinking to myself and laughing on the inside, is it ok to come to the movie by myself? Classic. I say yes just the one and she looks so relieved. Funny.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and speak to you soon!

19 thoughts on “clover…crack for crafters

  1. Sasha says:

    oooh wordplay! I’m seeing that in a few weeks with some of my family – glad to hear it’s a good’un, I was very intrigued by it, probably due to my fellow geeky habits and hobbies! And what a funky little doodad! Gotsta get me one of them! 😉


  2. Tricia says:

    I thought it looked alot like the idea Brandy uses for her grandmothers flower garden only using a circle.
    But it looks like there is another piece than the mylar top piece. I have made the mylar pieces she uses in her video using either template plastic (quilting section) or the cheap 2/$1 cutting mats from the dollar store.
    Just a thought….


  3. Nicole says:

    LOL – Hey thanks Tricia, I’ll check it out.
    JO – LOL NO….BUT so glad you knew what I was talking about. I didn’t realise until recently re Oprah’s gayle, when I was talking to someone about “my friend gayle” and they were looking at me oddly and eventually said “like oprah’s friend gayle?” LOL, nearly fell of my chair laughing, this Gayle is very straight and my buddy :


  4. Janine Wright says:

    Well that ONE ticket to God on my side is very valuable as it is SOLD OUT! I can go (with my ONE ticket) to the alternative 9.30 show which only gets an Andrew intro (not Q and A) ….
    It will be great, disturbing, and complex I am sure.


  5. Julie says:

    Oh my gosh — I’ve been looking for that darn Clover yo-yo thingy since I saw it in some Japanese craft book a couple months ago. If you find out where to get one — let me know!


  6. kodachrome says:

    I’d offer to help but have no idea what the Cover yo-yo is! I assume it makes those lovely flower-fabric thingeys?
    And thanks for posting the cinnamon (sp?) chicken. I might give it a try this week.


  7. Jo says:

    Is Gayle gay? I didn’t know! That wasn’t what I was meaning at all. I was just meaning you had a friend Gayle like Oprah has a friend Gayle. And besides, I am still reeling from the news that Toby from Human Nature is gay and that Lisa from the Veronica’s was found in bed with some radio guy after the ARIA’s. My naivity is shattered. Oh, and can’t help with the Clover tool, BTW.


  8. Shell says:

    Cool. I’m going to that Denton thing next weekend. Got free tickets too. I hope it’s goodly!
    And I hope you find what you are looking for. 🙂


  9. kelly says:

    so cool that you saw that! I’ve got it on our shopping list for our trip next week, so you can count on seeing them at superbuzzy in a couple of weeks if all goes well!


  10. Pam says:

    I am loving Clover too and guess what?? Those yo yo tools will be available soon, they demoed them at Quilt Market this week!!!And gave tons of them away free, so I am so sorry I didn’t see this post till now. It is a cool tool, and you get both sizes. I had just seen them in the magazine RIGHT before going into market for set up! The Clover ladies were pinning them up on the what’s new wall. Amazing. So soon, my friend, soon.


  11. clementine says:

    I, too, assumed the quotation marks meant “more than friends”. I will live with the disappointment, but trust me, Perth REALLY needs more smart/together/talented lesbians! haha.


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