[proh-kras-tuh-neyt, pruh-] verb, -nat‧ed, -nat‧ing. –verb (used without object)
1. to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. –verb (used with object)
2. to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.

Sunday morning, haven’t blogged on a Sunday in eons….but my motives are a little sly. The house needs some serious tidying. I’ve had blinkers on all week about it and I know that if I get my act together and do it I’ll feel a whole lot better. So I started putting stuff away and then walked past the computer and well, here I am.

Last night was a friend, Maree’s, birthday we went out dancing. I love dancing. I forget sometimes how much I love it until I’m there and remembering just how much fun I have. It helps to be with people who also love it and get into it and aren’t shy about it. I was with peeps like this last night. For me it’s a form of meditation, the music’s loud, too loud to think, the base is thumping and it’s surprisingly relaxing.

So this morning I’m avoiding the house, here on the computer. I need to be dressed and out the door in the about 45mins….

Here’s the before and after from last night, I’m going to enter it into the SPC this month which is GLAM.

Left: before leaving to go out last night, right: this morning. Feeling rough and tired.


Well, have a great Sunday wherever you are…

15 thoughts on “procrastinate

  1. Jo says:

    That cuff! Just yesterday I had an idea, and now, here it is. You took a photo of my idea! How does that work? And, by the way, looking gorgeous. Well, before, maybe not after …


  2. Alicia says:

    I just started to keep a blog and I pressure myself to feel obligated to have a funny blog filled with inspirational pictures and juicy stuff bringing people back every day. Your post reminded me that I don’t need to feel that way. Thank you for lifting that off my shoulders!


  3. gina says:

    You go Dancing girl!! I can relate… being a major disco queen in the early 80’s. I have the disco ball (with lights and spinning motors) from the dance club where me and the hubby met–back in 1984. How sick is that? Nice to put a Face to the Blog Writer…I will put the one on the left into my memory banks.
    Happy crafting.


  4. gracia says:

    Your before & after photos look a little similar to my post new haircut (as snipped & styled by the hairdresser for an hour) photos and my version of the very same hair follicles arranged the very next day by me. Somehow it never looks the same. Was it that I only took a couple of minutes where she took sixty? Or is it something else? Hmm.
    Happy crafting, dancing & procrastinating.
    cheers, grache


  5. Lina says:

    Moi aussi, I love dancing 🙂 And I like your before and after shots. I have lots of photos like that but I wouldn’t dare posting the after shots on the internet…


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