It’s been eons since I had actual homework. You know something I HAD to do. Well I don’t HAVE to but I’ve paid for this course and the 2nd and final lesson is tomorrow and I want to get my money’s worth! There’s also the dreaded unfinished WIP syndrome and I have enough of those already, so this foot REST is going to be finished! I’ve also ordered a new sofa, insert small dance here, that will be coming late December.


So this week inbetween catching up with friends and dating I’ve been sewing, sewing, sewing. Surprisingly once all the pieces were cut, the sewing doesn’t take long at all. I can piece together a wedge in about 30-40mins now. 6 down 2 to go. It’s a little matchy matchy for my liking, but I still love it. I’m already thinking of making another.


WOOT! WA’s getting daylight saving!!! About bloody time.

Today’s soundtrack at work…Betty Blue. Just beautiful.

Well, wherever you are, have a fabulous Friday. Spud says paws up, relax and allow yourself a belly scratch.


11 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Bel says:

    Looks great! Is that like the footrest from Glorious Patchwork (Kaffe Fasset)? Will it have a wooden base? Enjoy the second class, and looking forward to seeing the finished product.


  2. feli says:

    Hehehe…my cat does the same thing when she wants her belly scratch. Its weird because I read somewhere that cats dont like their belly to be scratched. :*)
    I am excited about the day light saving thingie too.


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