Looky, looky….finished the footrest. There’s not often something I make that I feel like bragging about it. But this little baby I ♥ !! I walk past her and smile, saying that she was only finished hours ago. I was up early this morning sewing on the base and stuffing her. Sorry for the slightly blurry pics, I was in a rush before work to photograph her. I’ve included my toes for scale, sort of. I’ll try and take some more pics another time. She’s stuffed with bean bag beans. Some more pics here.


She was sewn in 2 lessons, 3.5 hours each, and I spent another 2-3 hours at home sewing her.

AND I’ll be posting off my ornaments tomorrow. Here’s the final packaging.


Music for the day. Soundtrack to "Leonard Cohen – I’m your Man", specifically tracks sung by Martha and Rufus Wainright and Antony.

63 thoughts on “Craaaack!

  1. Jane says:

    I couldn’t make out in the WIP photos what this was going to be and was really intrigued. I never suspected it was going to be the pouffe to end all pouffes. It is brilliant – very, very beautiful.


  2. Dacia says:

    Everything looks delicious!! Is there a pattern out there somewhere for the footrest? I just love the way it looks and am currently decorating the living room and boy are ottomans pricey. I’d love to hear more about it!! Thanks and happy new year!


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