Hey! Thanks so much for the comments re the footrest! The only reason I did a class is because the store wouldn’t sell the pattern possibly because they had adapted the idea from a kaffe fasset book, see my previous post….so if you guys are keen for a pattern, maybe start emailing them! Might be able to persuade them! It’s surprisingly easy to put together gives a wow effect doesn’t it.

One of the first ever knit-a-long’s I did was for Larissa’s Meathead installation. I think it was also around the time that Al and I had met in blogland and we both signed up.

Larissa’s at it again. This time for a book. Here’s my version, wish me luck for inclusion in the book! If I don’t make it then I’ll be giving the hat away here on the blog, it’s too small for me and too hot for the weather here in Perth.


The details:
Smaller size knit double on size 15 (10mm) Brittany straights
Lambs Pride Bulky – Brown Heather
Embellishment – red leather, felt and fabric doodad
Pattern notes – well for some reason I made a decision to knit my K2tog through the back loop. Don’t know why, just did. I’m not sure if I like the effect or not. But I’m not reknitting! Nice pattern, quick knit.

Here’s the flickr group.

8 thoughts on “Meathead

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh I love your new heading in pink and sparkles! Gorgeeearse!! =D
    And what a fun hat too! First time I’d heard of ‘meatheads’, love the little pointy top to the hat! I’m smitten with that footrest too, must sign up for some of Calico’s classes, I think they sound awesoem fun not jsut for the patterns and crafting, but for chilling out with a group of crafties, chatting, sharing etc.. 🙂


  2. Ella says:

    oooh i love this hat!!! i’ve never heard of meathead? i checked out the pool and there’s some really great hats there. What pattern is this?


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