seasons greetings!

Hey there, sorrry I’ve been absent. Busy with silly season stuff and general life.

I had some grand crafting and baking plans this year, but they’ve flown out the window. I did manage to post Christmas cards so it hasn’t all gone poopy.

I also managed to finish work’s crackers, well my variation on a cracker. I used this tutorial at One Hour Craft for a humbug. They have a balloon, hat, popper, lolly pop, joke, origami paper and paper crane instructions and also the boys get a little special gift and the girls get a cuff. Really quick, easy and effective.


Hope you all have a safe, happy and love filled Christmas and holiday. Thanks for reading and commenting. You might hear from me again this year otherwise see you on the flipside. hugs (.)(.)

this is supposed to be fun…

Well hello there, it’s been a week!

What a week. I made a crafty rod for my back. No details yet as it’s a gift, a late gift for a dear friend’s 40th. Sorry Gillian, it won’t be ready tomorrow….but I HOPE it’ll be worth the wait.

Here’s a sneaky peak.


Also when I was making the footrest Al M was all "bet the cat sits on it" and I was all "nooo way"…well I’m a soft touch. As both Al and Spud know. HOWEVER when I’m not at home the footrest is on a sofa upsidedown. So we’ve reached a compromise, come on, who could kick him off? Not me.


I’ve also been following the Kim family’s story. I personally don’t feel I can comment, other than I am so sorry for the family’s loss. If you like to make a donation you can do so at the family’s site. Lisa and her family are also organising a fundraiser. Keep your eyes peeled for details.

almost, WIP’d out.

What a crafty week. I’ve had deadlines, some self created, others not and I still have one more project to bust out for Sunday.

These two kitties were a commission for a friend.



Meet Mushie and HotDog. Original I know. They stand about 10cm tall, sorry forgot to add something for scale, well there is the cat. As I was photographing them last night my "assistant" didn’t quite get that I didn’t want them laying flat. He’d knock them over and then just sit there looking at me all Vinnie Barbarino "whatcha gonna do about it"…Can’t get mad at him though, look at that little face.