almost, WIP’d out.

What a crafty week. I’ve had deadlines, some self created, others not and I still have one more project to bust out for Sunday.

These two kitties were a commission for a friend.



Meet Mushie and HotDog. Original I know. They stand about 10cm tall, sorry forgot to add something for scale, well there is the cat. As I was photographing them last night my "assistant" didn’t quite get that I didn’t want them laying flat. He’d knock them over and then just sit there looking at me all Vinnie Barbarino "whatcha gonna do about it"…Can’t get mad at him though, look at that little face.


24 thoughts on “almost, WIP’d out.

  1. Mae says:

    Hardly recognized you with your new fancy banner!
    I had to laugh re the scale of your creations because the first pic looked like it was beside a stair railing and then I saw them beside your cat. A little smaller than I originally thought!
    So cute – I can imagine someone having lots of imagination play with these sweeties!


  2. Sasha says:

    How brill are the kitties!! ith their svelte little overallss… *coos* How gorgeous! You’re just a veritable crafting MACHINE girlie!! And very inspirational I have to say! 🙂


  3. kodachrome says:

    WOW! I go away for the week (’cause you said you wouldn’t be posting), and I come back to find such wonderful goodness (meow!) and so many posts detailing the creation of a fabulous footrest. Whew! Even a new banner, to boot. I love it all. AND I *love* my new tissue holder which arrived yesterday! Perfect timing as I seemed to have developed a cold this week–and given the fact that West Texas received snow yesterday!
    Now off to wipe my runny nose, if only so that I can use my beautiful tissue holder. THANKS!!! You made a fomerly drunk girl smile with delight!


  4. Anita says:

    Hello! That footstool is fantastic! I want one! I looked at the website for the place you made it and was really impressed by the number of classes they run. I haven’t come across anything like it near me in the UK. By the way, probably a year ago now I bought one of the rings you made. I wear it very often and it gets lots of compliments. Anita


  5. nika says:

    wow those guys are just darling! i like the satisfied smack-down face on your “assistant”. the print in the background is pretty awesome too (don’t tell me you made that as well).


  6. feli says:

    love the new banner :*) and your cats are fantastic. My cat gives me the same look too. She insisted that she makes a good model in my DIY lightbox than the stuff that I made. :*D funny little creatures.


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