seasons greetings!

Hey there, sorrry I’ve been absent. Busy with silly season stuff and general life.

I had some grand crafting and baking plans this year, but they’ve flown out the window. I did manage to post Christmas cards so it hasn’t all gone poopy.

I also managed to finish work’s crackers, well my variation on a cracker. I used this tutorial at One Hour Craft for a humbug. They have a balloon, hat, popper, lolly pop, joke, origami paper and paper crane instructions and also the boys get a little special gift and the girls get a cuff. Really quick, easy and effective.


Hope you all have a safe, happy and love filled Christmas and holiday. Thanks for reading and commenting. You might hear from me again this year otherwise see you on the flipside. hugs (.)(.)

18 thoughts on “seasons greetings!

  1. sooz says:

    Whew I was beginning to wonder if you had taken off with a freeo sailor.
    Great crackers – hope that mob at work appreciate the efforts. Have a great season a la silly.


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